Matchday Exclusive with Shahlyla Baloch: 5 Questions-5 Answers

Matchday Exclusive with Shahlyla Baloch: 5 Questions-5 Answers

By Malik Riaz Hai Naveed, Founder

When Pakistan takes on strong Bahrain today (8.30 pm PST) she will probably in the starting 11: Attacker Shahlyla Baloch. We had the chance to speak to the 18-year old Balochistan United Player Shahlyla Baloch

Shahlyla with Kaleemullah
Shahlyla with Kaleemullah

1- National Champion in Pakistan, how do you want to win the SAFF Cup?
SB- This time there’s a lot of pressure mainly cause we’re hosting the cup and there are a few tough and experienced sides we’re going to play against like India and Nepal. But I hope we perform good and play some good football and reach till a good level.

2-If a girl in Pakistan wants to play football, what would you tell her?
SB- I’d very much appreciate her and encourage her to join one of the clubs/teams. Watching girls love and play the sport makes me happy.

3-You have been training in the national camp over a month now. What makes you motivate every morning?
SB- Winning. I crave for it. Especially when I think of representating my country; all I wanna do is win and make everyone proud.

4-Germany won the world cup 2014. What is your biggest dream in football?
SB- Representing Pakistan at a bigger level and playing in some big European club like FC Barcelona.

5-Defence or Attack? What style of tactic do you like and why?
SB-Attack, because striker is normally the principal goal scorer of a football team and I like to score, in fact I love to!I like to make the team win and it feels great when the team wins.