Jhelum League: first three results

The Jhelum District Football League Championship 2014 began on 28 September 2014. Groups A, B, and C held their opening games at Kashmir FC Ground behind Fauji Foundation Hospital, GT Road, Jhelum.

On 28 September, Kashmir FC thrashed Ali Haider FC 4-1 in Group A’s first game.

On 29 September, Council 11 FC beat Super Dina FC 4-2 in Group B’s first game.

On 30 September, Lions FC edged Al-Falah FC 2-1 in Group C’s first game.

Kashmir FC (Jhelum) Ali Haider FC (Jhelum) Council 11 FC (Jhelum) Super Dina FC Lions FC (Jhelum) 2-1 Al-Falah FC (Jhelum). Lions in black, Al-Falah in red