5 Questions-5 Answers: Unlucky Asmara Kiani

5 Questions-5 Answers: Unlucky Asmara Kiani

By Malik Riaz Hai Naveed, Founder FootballPakistan.com

Pakistan Women Football Team got beaten10-1 by Bahrain in the last encouter of the three match series. Unfortunately non of the team officials were available for a statement. This is understandable, because the team needs to discuss the defeats and work on it. Meanwhile we had the chance to talk to unlucky Asmara Kiani, who got injured just before the departure to Bahrain.


1- Asmara, you are a regular team member of the national team, but you got injured prior the Bahrain trip. How does that feel?

AK: That feels awful. To put it right draining actually. I worked day and night to get in the team and there I was injured before it all paid off.

2- You are very active on social media and you defended our team even with these huge defeats. Why?

AK: That is Sports man spirit. Plus I wasn’t defending I was just saying the truth. I know the truth and I know how hardworking all girls are. So yeah I will stand by our team in every thick and thin.

3- Speaking about local football: do you think Islamabad has good facilities for women football?

AK: Islamabad is better than other cities however lately we have total-football, a ground solely made to comfort footballers, launching soon; that will greatly enhance the facilities for women football.

4- How do you want to bounce back to join the team for SAFF Cup?

AK: I would love to join in asap as I am taking complete bed rest to get to the field soon insHAllah. But yeah emotionally I am with them to support and comfort them by all means.

5- After the Bahrain tour, what do you think is needed to build a stronger team?

AK: More trips like these to boost up there morales and to enhance their capabilities. We have a good team all we need is optimism from people around rather than criticism.