5 Questions-5 Answers: Pakistans Number One Syeda Mahpara

5 Questions-5 Answers: Pakistans Number One Syeda Mahpara

By Malik Riaz Hai Naveed, Founder FootballPakistan.Com

Being a goalkeeper in Pakistan is not easy, but Syeda Mahpara loves it. Not only being the national number one, but also nominated best goalkeeper in the recently concluded National Women Championship makes her necessary in the Pakistan and Balochistan United team. We talked to her.


1- Goalkeeper is not the most loved position in a team. Why have you decided to become one?

SM: Not being the most loved position is a huge misunderstanding because football consists of 11 player in a team and in that team these 11 players are equally important as the other! Becoming a goalkeeper wasn’t really a choice it was just really love for the game that got me so involved and allowed me to try out position and once placed in goal that was it I just knew thats where i should play!

2- What does a successful goalkeeper need and how do you train to become one?

SM: To start off a successful goalkeeper as any other player needs to determined and passionate after that comes in the factors of your positions. Goalkeepers in my point of view don’t always have to be tall and broad they can be short skinny anything but have to have great hand eye coordination, amazing reflexes, the desire to win without ever baking down and a very sharp mind! Success only comes to those who strive to get it and thats exactly what I do, I strive, I imagine my goal a fight for it and i will keep fighting! Thats all I can tell you about my training the rest is up to my coach.

3- If the coach does not select you for the goalkeeper position, would you be able to play on the field too, if yes where?

SM: Of course! You don’t also get to play the position you desire, it always depends on where your coach thinks you play best. I would have definitely continued football even if i wasnt a good enough goalkeeper but I’m not sure where I’d play because I’ve been a goalkeeper my whole football career. It would totally be up to the coaches, but don’t doubt my skills, the best footballer is always the one who can play any position they’re placed in!

4- Teamplay is very important in a team game like football. Do you consider yourself a good tea player or is it difficult as goalkeeper?

SM: Football is a team game so it is exactly why being a goalkeeper im able to be a team player. I have to be able to communicate and coordinate greatly with my team in order for us to win! Being a goalkeeper or any position on the field doesn’t hold you back from being a team player.individual play doesn’t helps.

5- You have many fans in the football community, do you have any special message for them?

SM: Of course, my fans are amazing and im very gratefully to them, following and supporting me and making me want to do far better!