5 Questions – 5 Answers: Pakistan Captain Hajra Khan

5 Questions – 5 Answers: Pakistan Captain Hajra Khan

By Malik Riaz Hai Naveed, Founder FootballPakistan.com

Hajra CaptainWe had the chance to talk to Pakistan Women Football Team Captain Hajra Khan, after the teams arrival in Bahrain. Pakistan will play a three match series against the Bahrain National Team to prepare for the upcoming SAFF Cup in Islamabad in November.

-What do you expect from the trip?

HK- It’s going to be quite an experience for everyone on the squad. This is our first friendly tour, the team is young and needs such exposure!

-How Do you rate Bahrain?

HK- I’ll only be able to tell once we play against them. Their FIFA ranking is 83 which is higher than ours, it will definitely be a learning experience for Pakistan.

-How is the camp going on?

HK- Training has been good, we started will 50 girls and now 20 are on tour, Top 25 will resume camp after our Friendlies.

-Which chances to you see for SAFF?

HK- I believe we’re amongst the Top 4 teams in South Asia, we’ve played the semi finals once and with the support from all we hope to perform well with the new team in SAFF Championship next month.

-How does it feel to be captain?

HK- It’s unexplainable. I’ve had a terrific run this year with a gold with BUWFC and SHR, Maldives and it didn’t come easy. I’d say my hardwork finally paid off. I’ve learned quite a lot from Former captain, Sana Mahmud and hope to carry on with a good performance at SAFF with the same passion and determination.

We thank Hajra Khan very much for taking the time.