Pakistan Coaching: Helping the Next Generation of Football Coaches

Pakistan Coaching: Helping the Next Generation of Football Coaches

The improvements in the infrastructure of football in Pakistan are still very much a work in progress but it’s getting there slowly but surely. The focus on grass roots level is the only way in which, as a country we are going to be able to build a solid foundation for years to come. In order for us to do this coaches of all levels have to have all the sufficient training so that they can articulate their ideas in the right manner to the next generation of footballers.

It’s not just UEFA coaching badges and courses that can ultimately improve a coach and gain them the qualifications that most now need to reach the elite level of coaching in the sport. There are many things that the modern day coach can use as reference points to help improve their knowledge and the utilization of such learning’s. Across all areas of teaching, educators are now relying on apps to help deliver teaching modules as they feel it is now not only a contemporary way of teaching but also helps interact with their pupils.

These technological aids have also slowly crept into football and should now be utilized by all coaches. The need to be meticulous with training methods can be delivered a lot clearer through visual aids such as using an iPad to get across messages such as formation ideas or statistical information. At elite level, sports scientist are using many physiological tracking methods to tweak areas of footballers performance daily to improve the all round game of professionals.

Ex-Liverpool coach Rafa Benitez was reported to be one of the first managers to usher in the iPad coaching apps on match days as reported by English news portal the Daily Mail , during his stint with the English club he felt that this gave him an edge over other managers during real time.

“A lot of them have a PC, which they can use to download videos, etc. But to go to the pitch with this, this level of information and the way you can change everything, I haven’t seen this.”

With the virtual good markets growing exponentially each year as Gaming Realms   the company behind online hub PocketFruity, highlight that the amount of apps on the market each year will only continue to increase. The current market share for sports apps stands at around 2.84% of a million apps in the App Store alone according to Statista. Meaning that app developers will continue to strive to bring coaches more cutting-edge apps to aid them in their coaching.

But although there are so many coaching apps out there, it’s important to find the best possible ones for your individual coaching sessions and style. Below we have documented two coaching apps for the iPad that are used by professional coaches today.

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