Asian Games LIVE: Pakistan vs. North Korea

ASIAN GAMES MATCH: Pakistan vs. North Korea. Match starts at 1pm Pakistan Time. LIVE STREAM:

Starting line up:
GK: Muzammil
DF: Ahmed, Bilal, Mohsin, Ahsan
MF: Saddam, Mahmood, Mansoor, Riaz
FW: Kaleemullah (C), Ali Sher


1′ Match Starts
2′ Free Kick for North Korea near the D Box
6′ Another foul by Ahsan and free kick for PRK
8′ Throw in for Pakistan by Ahsanullah who tries to put it long
9′ Great chance for Kaleemullah who puts pressure on PRK by a bycycle kick
15′ Goalkeeper Muzammil tackled by PRK No. 11. he needs treatment.
18′ Possession Pakistan 41 % vs North Korea 59 %
21′ Good try by PRK but Muzammil keeps the ball safe
22′ Interesting Fact: Despite being sponsored by Forward Sports Pakistan Officials wear Adidas shirts
29′ Dangerous for Pakistan. North Korea’s Jong misses a good chance
37′ Yellow Card for Ahmed
39′ Red card for Mansoor Khan and penalty for PRK
39′ GOAL for North Korea 1-0
45′ HALF TIME Pakistan 0-1 North Korea

Our Players look slow, small, and are struggling against taller, more composed North Koreans
2nd Half starts
47′ Bilal is there and clears the ball near the penalty mark
53′ Good chance for Pakistan but Ball not hit on target
61′ North Korea almost scores. But Muzammil has the ball safe again
67′ GOAL For North Korea: 2-0 Good cross by PRK and a great header by No. 11
71′ Substituion for Pakistan Ashfaf Uddin comes in for Riaz
74′ Bilal clears for a corner
80′ One can’t say Coach Shamlan is not committed: He stands on the side line since the begining of the match!
84′ Substitution for Pakistan: Naveed replaces Ahmad
85′ Most of the Korean chances are headers. That is obvious
90′ Pakistan lost 0-2 to North Korea. PRK already beat china 3-0. That means we “only” need to drew or win to China.