Vasalunds IF coach Babar Rehman: Train hard and you can become a professional player

Vasalunds IF coach Babar Rehman: Train hard and you can become a professional player

By FPDC Staff caught up with Pakistani trainer Babar Rehman, who is currently coaching at Swedish side Vasalunds IF and aims to make a name for himself in football. 

FPDC: When did you start  football?

BR: I always loved games.  I moved to Sweden when I was 7 and I found a team when I was 9.

FPDC: Was it easy to get into football with Pakistani parents?

BR: Yes. My father used to play In Peshawar and all my 4 brothers have played football too.

FPDC: Did you play yourself, if yes when and where?

BR: I played in several teams. As a junior in IF Brommapojkarna and Djurgårdens IF, both of which have great youth/junior teams and their senior teams play in highest Swedish level: the Allsvenskan.

FPDC: What is you biggest achievement?

BR: I think its still to come.

FPDC: What aims in life do you have?

BR: To go as high as I can with football.

FPDC: What do you know about Pakistani football?

BR: I join Lahore-based team Model Town FC every year when I go to Lahore. Their skill is not great  but they have good organization and a lot of players aged between 7-18 years.

FPDC: Any advice for players looking to become professionals?

BR: Will power is the most important. They say if you practice (play/watch) soccer 10 000 hours you will be a player. Most of players stop before that and most of it in ages between 18-20.

Its difficult to survive monetarily and parents pressure you to concentrate on studies or start work.  If study and  focus on training and get through this tough age 18-21 you have big chance to become a good player. But you need patient as everything does not work out as you want (injuries, placed on bench etc). But be stubborn and work. Everyone gets a chance sooner or later. You have to be ready when you get it.

Another advice to become a player is to practice a lot and start young when you are 4-5 years old. If you start earlier, you have a better chance to reach the 10 000 hours of practice, but of course here you need support from parents.