LIVE: India vs. Pakistan

LIVE: India vs. Pakistan

Welcome to FootballPakistan’s LIVE coverage of Pakistan’s International Friendly with India.

Venue: Bangalore Stadium, Bangalore

Kick-off Time: 3:00 PM PST [LIVE on GEO Super]

India 0-2 Pakistan

Full-time: India 0-2 Pakistan

90′ Muzammil clears a long-range cross! Pakistan looking to see out the game now!


84′ Corner for India and Pakistan unable to clear! Concede another one!

83′ The game getting rough again. Pakistan’s players need to keep their calm. Sher Baloch gets a yellow card!

81′ Saddam and Kaleem ullah official both through on goal, Saddam goes for goal, but the Indian keeper saves it!

79′ Incredibly strong tackle by Zeeshan on Sunil. Gets a yellow card!

78′ Change for Pakistan: Mansoor Khan OFF, Zeeshan ON, Change for India: Dhanpal Ganesh ON, Milan Singh OFF

76′ Lauren beats the Pakistan defence with a good flick but his volley goes into the stands!

75′ Shamlan makes a defensive change! Mohammad Salman IN, Mehmood Khan OUT

73′ Sunil tries but his free-kick goes over the cross-bar, can’t convert his chance like Pakistan’s Kaleem ullah official.

72′ Foul by Bilal and gets a card! India have a free-kick from the same area in which Pakistan scored in the 1st half!

71′ India trying to create chances, but the Pakistan team holding up well!

69′ Change for India: Clifton Dias ON, Desai OFF

64′ Pakistani defence holding up well today. Ahmed showing his quality with some good passes!

61′ Riaz getting a yellow card for his rash tackle!

59′ Pakistan improving their passing but concede a free-kick as Mansoor Khan puts in a rash tackle. India piling on the pressure now!

56′ The game resumes as India have a try at goal from difference but the ball goes wide of the target!

51′ India have a try from a free-kick but Pakistan clear the ball for a corner.  Meanwhile, Mohammad Ahmed is down on the ground and needs treatment.

47′ CHANGE FOR INDIA: Doungel ON, Francis OFF


47′ Haokip almost through on goal but Muzammil runs of the line quickly enough to pressurize and ultimately defuse the attack!

46′ India piles on the pressure but Muzammil claims the ball!

45′ Second half starts!

Change for India: Siam Hangal ON, Larindika Ralte OFF.

Half-Time: India 0-1 Pakistan

45′ Muzammil Hussain down after trying to clear the cross. Pakistan have already made two changes due to injury, coach Shamlan might have to make a third!

41′ India have a corner now as Pakistan come back to defend!

37′ Kaleem ullah official scores through the free-kick! Top corner from the FC Dordoi Bishkek striker!!!

36′ Haokip through on goal but Muzammil closes the goal and the India player fires the ball straight at him! Pakistan escape! On the other hand, Sunil concedes a free-kick and earns the first yellow card of the game!

35′ But no Pakistani player touches the ball and it goes out for India’s throw!

34′ Pakistan earn a free-kick in a dangerous position on the flank!

30′ Pakistan waste another chance from a free-kick to put pressure on India!

28′ Saddam Hussain and Kaleem ullah official combine from the flanks as India put it out for a corner! But Mansoor again wasting the corner kick!

24′ Haokim with an effort from distance but the goal goes well-wide in the end. We can also confirm that the injured Faisal Iqbal has been replaced by Mohsin Ali and now Bilawal-ur-Rehman has been taken off with Sher Baloch coming on.

21′ Bilawal-ur-Rehman goes out for treatment as the game continues.

19′ India troubling the Pakistani defence. The cross come in from the right but the defenders clear as the Shaheens concede another corner!

16′ Kaleem ullah official with some good dribbling on the wing and his shot-cum-cross is unable to get the corner he was looking for. Brilliant pass by Mehmood Khan to release the captain on the flank in the first place.

14′ Kaleem ullah official blasts it over the crossbar! Good build-up by Pakistan, but the cross from the wing doesn’t end up in the goal!

12′ Long-range blast from Indian captain from Sunil Chhetri! Was destined for goal but Muzammil Hussain rises to the challenge with a great save!

10′ Faisal Iqbal down on the ground! Worrying signs for Pakistan, as physio Dr. Kamran Mehdi comes on to the pitch for treatment.

9′ India getting comfortable with possession as Pakistan are content to sit back and absorb the pressure.

6′ Poor corner from Mansoor Khan that easily goes out without troubling India.

4′ Pakistan launch a counter-attack and now have a corner for their efforts!

3′ That’s a tough challenge from Sher Ali on the flank and India have a free-kick. Ralte takes it, but Sunil’s effort on goal is tame.

1′ Pakistan start the game with a free-kick from Kaleemullah, but it’s wide via a deflection and the Shaheens have a corner, which India clear!

1′ And it’s kickoff at the Bangalore Stadium! India vs. Pakistan underway!