K-Electric to have two Nigerian players this season [The News]

By Alam Zeb Safi – The News

KARACHI: K-Electric have signed a deal with another Nigerian footballer, who is identified as Wilson, while the club has also renewed the contract of the Nigerian striker Oludeyi Abayomi Sunday for the Pakistan Premier Football League, which is expected to commence in September.

 The deal with the midfielder ‘Wilson’ was finalised on Wednesday through his agent and former Nigerian star Jay Jay Okocha, who had also been involved in the contract of Sunday with K-Electric last year.

 “Yes, we have hired the services of another Nigerian whose name is Wilson,” K-Electric’s Sports Manager Zabe Khan told The News on Thursday.

 “He is a young midfielder and we have hired him through Okocha. He is close to Sunday and has also played for Nigeria’s Under-17 and Under-19 teams,” he revealed.

 “We have also renewed Sunday’s contract as he had a good last season for us,” Zabe said.

 The official said that both the players would be given $2000 each per month.

 Last year, Sunday got around $1000 per month. He missed almost the first half of the season because of the late issuance of visa. Keeping that in view, Zabe this time plans to deal with the matter more urgently.

 “In the next few days we will send the case of NOC of the Nigerians to the ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) and then the ministry will forward it to the Interior Ministry. And this time I will try to pursue the case seriously as we will need the players early next month because they will need to adjust with the conditions before appearing in the Premier League,” Zabe said.

 He was hopeful that this time with a more powerful combination his team would achieve their target. “You know if these players join us in time we will have a solid opportunity to perform in the league this season,” the official said.

 K-Electric coach Akbar Ali termed the move a healthy sign for the team. “If we are joined by the two Nigerians it will boost our winning chances. We also delivered smartly last season but luck did not favour us in the end,” Akbar said.

 “Oludeyi Abayomi Sunday last season used to get bored, but this time he will remain happy when he will be accompanied by his fellow from Nigeria,” Akbar said.

 Oludeyi proved his worth last season, contributing to K-Electric’s second-place finish in the league. He prolonged his stay and represented his team in the National Challenge Cup as well. But there too K-Electric ended as the runners-up. However, Oludeyi was declared the best player in that event for his superb performance upfront.

 K-Electric’s captain Mohammad Essa said it would strengthen his team. “It is really good for us as well as for Pakistan football,” said Essa, a former Pakistan captain.

 “The PFF should make it compulsory for every team to have at least a couple of foreign players in their sides which will bring a sea change in the standard of Pakistan football,” said the play-maker.

 The four-time Premier League winners Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) will not be invincible this time because they will be missing their three key players who have joined Kyrgyzstan’s top club Dordoi Bishkek, managed by former Pakistan coach Zavisa Milosavljevic.

 Star striker Kaleemullah and speedy winger Mohammad Adil have been playing for Dordoi for the last seven months. Saddam Hussain, the country’s most productive player, has a few days ago signed a deal with the same club.