India 1-0 Pakistan – Comments

India 1-0 Pakistan – Comments

After Pakistan’s 1-0 loss to India, here is what the coach, officials and former coaches had to say.


Mohammad Al-Shamlan (Pakistan coach)  [Sportskeeda]

Pakistan’s coach, Mohammed Shamlan Mubarak said that he was happy with his team’s performance, and that he looked forward to winning the second game so that the series could finish level.

On not being able to capitalize on the red card, he said, “We made some changes in midfield, but we did not take our opportunities. The squad is quite young and learning, our captain Kaleem Ullah himself was made the captain not very long ago, and he is adapting and learning very well.”

He thanked the AIFF and the Bangalore crowd, saying that this was his first time in India, and he can see that India can develop a good football culture.

When asked about the learnings for the next game, he was quite forthcoming, mentioning, “Our set piece defending needs to be better, and we need to have alternative plans. I am sure we will see an improved performance in the next game.”

His thoughts on the Indian team were quite interesting, as he said, “I saw the Indian team in 2013 in the SAFF Games. I don’t see any new tactics. The team is still very dependent on Chhetri. India need a top no 9, and I don’t think Robin Singh is suited to this type of game, nor does he exhibit great deal of understanding.” At the end, he also added tongue-in-cheek, “The Indian coach has been here for 3 years, while I have been with Pakistan for only 9 months, so I don’t know.”

Col. Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi (PFF General Secretary) [Express Tribune]

“The issue was the finishing,” Lodhi told The Express Tribune. “I’d want the team to improve on scoring goals. Generally yes it was a better result and the team fought hard, but we expect more from them in the next match.

“India-Pakistan matches are usually heated affairs with a lot of emotion.”

Tariq Lutfi (Former Pakistan and current KRL coach) [Express Tribune]

“It was a good effort,” said Lutfi. “The margin of goals wasn’t big and it showed that the team is trying to improve. Kaleemullah is the captain now and hopefully he’ll get better chances to score in the next match.”

Arshad Khan (Former Pakistan International and current PAF Manager) [Express Tribune]

“We were the better side but the Indians had home advantage,” he said. “I do believe that our team can beat India 2-1 in the next match if they improve on their finishing.”

Sardar Naveed Haider Khan (PFF Marketing Consultant) [The News]

“I think in front of a jam-packed stadium and on an artificial turf, Pakistan played well today,” head delegate Sardar Naved Haider told ‘The News’ from Bangalore.

 “The midfield and defence played well and keeper Muzammil acted like a true professional,” Naved said.

“Adil is hundred percent fit. Dordoi had stopped him from playing till August 15 and I hope he will be given a chance in the next game. He also looked interested to play today,” said Naved, also Consultant Marketing of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

Nasir Ismail (Former Pakistan Assistant and current NBP coach) [The News]

“The goal Pakistan conceded was a big tactical mistake. Had Pakistan played in the first half with the approach they played after India lost Robin Singh then the result could have been different,” Nasir observed.

 He pointed out that Pakistani players had to face problem on the artificial turf. “Our players were struggling today owing to the artificial turf. I always say we need an artificial turf. India have held their camp in Bangalore and are now fully adept in playing on such track,” Nasir said.