Bafana are Champions – 9th GSA D Goal Tournament

Bafana are Champions – 9th GSA D Goal Tournament

24th and 26th July saw GSA D goal play host to the semis and finals. Here are the results. 

Thursday July 24 Results

1- Blue Navy 1 – 1 Bafana
Bafana win 4-3 on penalties

The most fiercely competed match of the tournament had more talking points then goals, but in the end both teams showed that they can play Football. Blue Navy were well in control keeping Bafana at bay and countering with pace until a red card changed the course of the game. Bafana thought that now the game will get easier only to find themselves behind very soon through a well taken goal by Ahsan playing his first match of the tournament. Saad Masood started to get into the game and kept Bafana at bay until Syed Ibrahim Jaffriee scored the vital equalizer. In the penalties Blue Navy were unlucky for the first time. A Great effort from the young qualifiers.

MOM – Saad Masood and Kashif Ali share this award.

2- DID FC 1 – 1 Gunners
DID FC win 3-2 on penalties

This was one of the best and most controlled performances of the tournament from the Gunners. Aqib scored a stunner and then they just showed patience and passing of the highest quality and had some moments to kill of the game but DID FC for the first time in the tournament looking off color started to move the ball faster and push men forward and in the end bravery paid off. A smartly taken goal by Abdul Rehman Khan meant penalties will decide in whicih DID FC survived. Ali Baloch one of the best players of the tournament was injured in the match after once again giving an action packed performance.

MOM – A. Rehman, sometimes nothing is bigger then a goal at the right time.

Thursday July 26 Results

The final had arrived but not without its fair share of controversy. The victory of Bafana was marred by a few questionable  decisions due to which Blue Navy wer undone, but Referees and officials are part of all big tournaments and some talking points always come out of big tournaments. It was up to DID and Bafana to save the tournament with a superb final.

Saturday July 26 Results 

1- DID FC 1 – 4 Bafana

Twenty days of action came down to this. Bafana amid controversy in the final faced off versus DID FC in the final who themselves needed some luck in the semi vs Gunners. Otherwise the two teams had just played scrumptious futsal were expected to serve up a glittering final to help restore the magic of GSA D goal. What unfolded in the next forty minutes was a performance by a player that left the crowd in awe that Pakistan itself is filled with this kind of talent. Asadullah the GSC forward scored 4 goals of utmost quality to leave DID FC stunned. He scored the first from a shot of the mistake of Usman Khan but in the second Produced a crazy shimmy and left food finish. The third bought the crowd to there feet as he on the breakway completed a 360 with a back heel to score. The fourth was a man on mission. In the middle Usman did score a consolation but Bafana defended superbly in numbers led by Kashif Ali.

Champions – Bafana 
MOM- Asadullah 
Top Scorer – Abdul Rehman Khan
Best Player – Kashif Ali

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