‘TV channels’ attitude insulting’ [The News]

‘TV channels’ attitude insulting’ [The News]

Sports Correspondent – The News

KARACHI: Former Pakistan football team assistant coach Nasir Ismail said that electronic media let the country’s top football coaches down during the FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil.

 “It is insulting for all football professionals in Pakistan. You will never see any top football coach or player of Pakistan who has been permanently kept by any television channel on its panel to comment on World Cup matches,” Nasir told ‘The News’ here on Saturday.

 “During cricket and hockey events, the services of top cricket coaches, players and hockey Olympians are taken and they comment on matches but during FIFA World Cup one could see that those people comment on television channels, who have no football background,” Nasir complained.

 Former Pakistan captain and a prolific striker of his age, Ali Nawaz Baloch, endorsed Nasir’s views.

 “Nasir is right as it is injustice not only with the football professionals but also with the game itself,” Ali Nawaz said.

 “The boys, who have been given the chance to comment on television channels, are only computer literate and they find out a few names of a team through internet. But in reality they don’t anything about football and their comments don’t have any value,” he added.