GSA D-Goal Tournament: Semi-finalists decided

GSA D-Goal Tournament: Semi-finalists decided

QFs finish leaving four

Monday July 21 Results
1- DID FC 10 – 2 Street Wizards

The scoreline is astonishing. The performance amazing. The title is now theirs to lose. A win for the ages as DID FC put on a show against the pass happy Street Wizards. Never a contest as DID FC kept on scoring at an electric pace. Abdul Rehman Khan scored the hatrick but Usman Khan scored four in a half. Stunning game by DID FC as even last manAsad Ahmed Siddiqui scored twice.

MOM – Shoab Ahmed with the best half by any player until now. Electrifying. Check him out, as he along with other two DID FC players makes a case for player of the tournament.

2- Bafana 5 – 1 Santos

Bafana continue the journey with ease to the final. The series semifinalists comfortably beat Santos. Syed Kashif Mehmood continued his goal scoring with another brace and then it was cruise control from there. Ali Hassan also netted twice before Irfan Junejo scored a brilliant consolation. In the end Bafana proved there credentials once again.

MOM – Kashif Mehmood has lost out once in the best player category, he is pushing it this year.

Tuesday July 22 Results

1- Blue Navy 2 – 0 All Stars

They have done it. The historic qualifiers are now in the semis and should have no fear. This was a true tactical master piece as Navy controlled the pace and tempo to win the game with comfortable ease. The All Stars attacked bu Blue Navy scored. Muhammad Jahanzaib Khan yet again the main man with two vital striked in each half to seal the deal.Saad Masood and Talha Minhas were solid at the back and Syed Muhammad Yasir Rizvi was full of energy.

MOM – Jahanzaib. Any doubt.

2- Galacticos 2 – 5 Gunners

Gunners the 2012 champions continue there journey at the expense of Galacticos. The Gunners were just brilliant in possession and once they scored the first goal through Aurangzeb they continued to dominate. Galacticos looked off color and despite two late consolation goals by Mudassir Sabir it was Ali Baloch and Aqib who looked threatening throughout.

MOM – Aurangzeb not only scored the first goal but was solid at the back too

Super Four  – Who are they (Find out Thursday kicking off 11 pm)

1- Bafana Vs Blue Navy – The Bafana engine is favorite to run over the Blue Navy but so were the All Stars. This one will be interesting.

Bafana – Pace and Fitness is the key to there game. Quick passing creates opportunities and they finish with aplomb.

Scored – 13
Conceded – 4

Defining moment – Last minute equalizer vs Old Fighters in round 2

Strength – Fitness
Weakness – Focus
1- Kashif Ali – Dictates everything good in the Bafana Engine.
2- Athar – Last man .. redefined. Offense is best form of defense for this super fit player.
3- Kashif Mehmood – The goal machine. (Candidate for Best player)
4- Ali Hassan – Stylish player who glides in offense and slides in defense.

5- Ibrahim – The young Ronaldo nicknamed IJ 7.

2- Blue Navy – The journey uptill now is already an achievement for this brave team. Very focused unit depends on energy and pressing.

Scored – 3
Conceded – 1

Defining Moment – Last minute equalizer vs GW which was the first goal they scored after 89 minutes of Futsal.

Strength – Defense
Weakness – Goals

1- Muhammad Jahanzaib Khan – Electrifying trickery and pace. (Candidate for Best Player)
2- Saad Masood – Legendary former IBA Captain, is in good form.
3- Talha Minhas – Talha has been a rock and his passing very accurate.

4- Syed Muhammad Yasir Rizvi – Only player who plays the game at one pace which is quick from start to end.

5- Raamis – Missed the last match but is a good threat going forward.
6- Faisal – He is an important member waiting for his defining chance.
7- Usman Niaz – The Red devil is the experienced member.

2- DID FC vs Gunners FC – Wow this is a final before the final. The contest is impossible to call.

1- DID FC – Defending champs, goal scoring machine and unstoppable.
Scored – 23
Conceded – 6

Defining Moment – Usman winner vs FC Sudanis.
Strength – Goals
Weakness – Defense
1- Abdul Rehman Khan – Goals, Goals, Goals and leadership. (Candidate for best player – Favorite for Top Scorer)

2- Usman Khan – Assists, Goals and Tackles. Complete. (Candidate for best player)
3- Shoab Ahmed – Very sharp and surprising player (Outside chance for best player)
4- Asad Ahmed Siddiqui – Asad has been very good at the back but like a DID player he also scores for fun.
5- Hamza Younus – Still waiting for that opportunity to really shine. This is the stage.

2- Gunners FC – The United Haters are one hell of  passing machine. By far the most passes put together in the tournament, it is tough to figure out a way to stop them.
Scored – 12
Conceded – 5

Defining Moment – 16 minutes of tiki taka vs Popat FC.

Strength – Passing
Weakness – Directness
1- Ali Baloch – True pass and move player. (Candidate for Best player)
2- Aqib – The scoring threat.
3- Ateeq – The best last man in the tournament. Cool and composes gets the team rolling.
4- Aurangzeb – The experience is really shining for this guy. He could be the key player in the semis and finals.

5- Talal Ayub – Lost due to injury, he is one electric player.

2014_07_22 - IMG_4858 2014_07_22 - IMG_4868 Blue Vs Stars