EME Ramadan Football Tournament set to start from 19th July

EME Ramadan Football Tournament set to start from 19th July

The EME Football Club invites your team to participate in our First Annual Ramadan Football Tournament. 

The tournament will be 5v5 wd 3 rolling subs on a shorter grass field under proper flood lights. Max 24 teams, league system and 15 mins half

Date: 19 & 20 July
Timings: 8pm – 2am
Entry Fee: Rs. 2,500.
Last date of Reg. 15th of july.
The winning team will get prize money of Rs. 10,000. The runners up will get Rs. 3,000.


Group A: (field 1)
Devil fc vs Edger fc 8pm.
Fotball unitd vs Aces fc 8:30pm.
Devil fc vs Fotball unitd 9pm.
Edger fc vs Aces fc 9:30pm.
Devil fc vs Aces fc 10pm.
Edger dc vs Football unitd 10:30pm

Group D:
Mogambo vs Benfive (field 1) 11pm.
Phantoms vs Young boys (field 1) 11:30pm.
Mogambo fc vs Young boys (field 1) 12am.
Phantoms vs benfive (field 2) 12:30am.
Mogambo vs Phantoms (field 1) 1am.
Benfive vs Young boys (field 2) 1am.

Group E:
Killer fc vs Paf Unitd (field 2) 11pm.
True blue vs M yousaf (field 3) 11pm.
Killer fc vs true blue(field 2) 11:30pm.
M yousaf vs Paf unitd(field 3) 11:30pm.
True blue vs Paf unitd(field 2) 12am.
M yousaf vs killer fc (field3) 12am.

Group A:
Devil fc
Edger fc
Football united
Aces fc

Group B:
Ever united
Oreo Fc
Quaid babish
White walkers

Group C:
Thuda united
Eme stallion
Live admin
French mafia

Group D:
Mogambo fc
Young boys
Ben five

Group E:
Killer fc
Paf united
True blue
M yousaf

ForFurther Information!

0300-816-0103 (Arab Ali)