LIVE: Indonesia vs. Pakistan

LIVE: Indonesia vs. Pakistan

Welcome to’s live coverage of Indonesia vs. Pakistan!

Gelora Tung Tomo Stadiu, Indonesia

Kick-off at 2:30 PM PST

Indonesia 4-0 Pakistan

Full-Time: Indonesia 4-0 Pakistan

89′ Cristian Gonzales nearly makes it 5-0! Saqib Hanif can’t even dive for the ball! Atrocious defending and even worse goalkeeping!

87′ Indonesia score their 4th goal! Pakistan leaving their forwards unmarked and they capitalize with a sweetly struck shot!

80′ Indonesia slice through the Pakistan defence like they weren’t there!  Their striker completely misses the target despite being one-on-one with goalkeeper Saqib. Shambolic defending by Pakistan.

77′ Ashfaquddin comes on for Pakistan as Mansoor Khan is substituted!

69′ Indonesia line-up a freekick from a good spot, but it goes well-wide in the end. Ahsanullah, who has had a horrible game in defence, comes off.

62′ Mohammad Salman comes on for Pakistan!

60′ Indonesia convert their penalty to make it 3-0!

58′ Indonesia get a penalty! As Pakistani defence make another error!

51′ Change for Pakistan! Goalkeeper Ehsanullah comes off as Saqib Hanif comes on!

50′ Mansoor nutmegs the keeper but fails to miss convert the chance! Pakistan should have scored here!

46′ And we are underway again! The second half starts!

Half-Time: Indonesia 2-0 Pakistan

45+’ Indonesia score their second! It’s taken them a while, but they have thoroughly dominated the game so far!

45+’ Indonesia fail to convert a sitter as their unmarked striker is unable to divert his header goalwards despite having a lot of time and space! Defender Ahsanullah nowhere near his marker!

44′ Indonesia enjoying most of the ball possession and Pakistan’s midfielders are nowhere to be seen!

37′ Pakistan escape yet again! Indonesia’s shot at goal diverted out!

35′ Ehsan clears Indonesia’s cross but Pakistan are struggling to contain the hosts, who are launching attack after attack!

30′ Indonesia’s Uruguay-born striker Cristian Gonzales fouls Bilal in the box and Pakistan get a freekick to catch a breather!

29′ Cross comes in from the flank and Ehsan struggles to catch it with the first try! Pakistan very lucky that captain Faisal Iqbal was there to head back to the keeper!

25′ Saddam charges the keeper for a loose ball! And is shown the red card!

21′ Pakistan get a corner, which they take short! Mansoor gets the ball in the box, but he fails to connect properly and it’s a goalkick for Indonesia!

20′ Indonesia nearly get their second! Ehsan was off his line and was very luck that the ball did not end up in the back of the net!

19′ Another free-kick for Indonesia as Pakistan letting silly tackles loose in the field.

16′ Indonesia almost get their second! Pakistan’s pitiful defence falls apart as wave after wave of Indonesian attacks come at them!

12′ Indonesia have another free-kick! And they almost score but Pakistan escape!

10′ What an outrageous shot by Mansoor Khan! 35-yards out and it hits the cross bar! Pakistani Shaheens showing promise with a some great passing!

7′ Super save by Ehsan as he keeps out a certain goal from Indonesia! Who get another corner but Pakistan clears!

6′ PAF striker Mansoor Khan gives a needless foul at the edge of the right flank!

4′ End to end to stuff! Mansoor Khan tries to capitalize on Indonesia’s error but his shot is saved by the keeper!

3′ Indonesia score through a free-kick as Gonzales Cristian, the Uruguayan-Indonesian striker, converts!

1′ Pakistan kick-off against Indonesia!