Go Green Pakistan Football

By M.Shahid Aziz

The nations are always recognized from their people. People make the nations. In nation building, children play an important role. The future of nations remains in hands of their children. The nations who put their children on right track become the economic and social powers in years. Education and training always bring positive change in society’s causes to bringing innovation, entrepreneurship, modesty, patience and create engineers, scientists, doctors and philanthropists of future.

Football in Pakistan went Green. Street children world cup event was held in Rio Brazil in April 14. In this mega event over 230 children from five continents and 19 countries including Pakistan first time participated .Before the inauguration of this event Pakistani team was underestimated as a pioneer without previous experience no one had imagined this team will come up with bronze by beating USA. Their performance astonished the world. More interestingly Pakistan beaten defending champion India with 13 goals. Cricket is more liked and played in Pakistani streets as compared to Football, hockey and any other games. It is famous saying about Pakistanis they are unpredictable from sports to other fields as well. This again proved true in this event. No doubt all basic ingredients are already present in this nation there is only one push required to awake up this sleeping nation.

There was a time when Pakistan was notorious for child labour . Now the time in changing these street children has helped to change negative perception of Pakistan and bring the soft and positive image in front of the world. Pakistan is a home of most talented and best brains of the world. Only the thing is to use this brain and their abilities in right direction by motivating them by means of sports and education.

Tribute to Azad Foundation who selected these children from all four provinces and were brought to Karachi where they were trained. Sponsorship and promotion of sports on street level can help to reduce crimes as rightly said by Philip Veldhuis, who runs the Favela Street NGO in Penha, said football helps to take drug soldiers off the streets. “We educate them with sport. We try to train them to be trainers on the soccer pitch so that they an become role models.”

Here I would like to quote Iqbal

Akhabi Rooh Gab Bedar Hoti hai Jawanoo Mein

Nazar Ati hai Un Ko Apni Manzil Asmanoon Mein

Phir in Shaheen Bachoon ko Bal o Par De

Khudaya Aarzo Meri Yahi Hai Mera Noor-e Baseerat Aaam Kar De

To rebrand Pakistan we all need to join hands to make it Pakistan of Quaid & Iqbal. In a concluding note when we are in grip of formidable war in terror where there is a chaos, carnage, targets killings and street gangs the success of these children in international children football world cup brings good news and positive image of Pakistani children in front of the world. To get rid of street crimes and gangs it’s the responsibility of government to sponsor other games beside cricket in country to eradicate the disease of street crimes and gangs. There is an immediate need to educate youth on modern lines to reinstate our image as educated and talented nation of the world instead of smugglers of drug and terrorists.

Author is a graduate of University of East London “Msc International Marketing Management” specialization in branding currently working on a managerial post in multinational food manufacturing company in London and also own (www.rebrandingpakistan.com).Tweet as M.SHAHID AZIZ ‏@MSAZIZ