Shahzad Anwar departs for Malaysia to attend AFC Coaching Course

Shahzad Anwar departs for Malaysia to attend AFC Coaching Course

By Shahrukh Sohail, Chief Editor, Islamabad

Former Pakistan coach Shahzad Anwar has been selected by the Pakistan Football Federation to take part in an elite AFC Coaching Course that starts this April. As part of the AFC’s Coach Asia programme, each member association puts forward one male and female coach with ‘A’ Licence credentials that could go on to earn the ‘Pro Licence’.

However, with Pakistan possessing no female coach with those requirements, Shahzad Anwar will be the only one taking part.

“InshaAllah, I will be departing for Malaysia shortly and am hoping to learn a lot there,” Shahzad said during an exclusive interview with from the airport.

The coaching course has five modules; One in Malaysia in April/May 2014, the second in China in August 2014, the third in Korea in December 2014, the fourth in Germany in April/May 2015 and the final one in Malaysia in August 2015.

“The programme sets as the base for the Pro Licence (The highest coaching licence), which I could be awarded after this course, whose cost is being funded entirely by the AFC,” added Anwar.

Shahzad was chosen ahead of several ‘A’ Licence candidates including Tariq Lutfi (KRL FC), Nasir Ismail (NBP) and Sheikh Siddique and added that he was very thankful to the PFF for putting his name forward.

If all goes well, Shahzad Anwar could become Pakistan’s first Pro Licence coach, which is a major requisite for coaching in any of the world’s big leagues.