FPDC Stories: Saad Hassan, “My dream is to play at Anfield.”

FPDC Stories: Saad Hassan, “My dream is to play at Anfield.”

By Saad Hassan, Jhelum

My journey started when I was a young Kid. I was 9 years old when my dad brought me Play Station 1 and brought a game called Pro Evolution Soccer, which is a well known game for football lovers. Me and my elder brother used to play this game all day and that game made us love the beautiful game; Football.

Those were the days when we only had  PTV to watch and there were very few times that i saw any football match highlights telecasted on the Channel. On that times i was unaware from the football so i missed the 2002 World Cup 2002. Time Passed and when i was 13 years old i watched the World Cup 2006 and my love for football increased. Me and my brother was not allowed to play outside the house, so we played football inside.


Time went on and i came to know about a Club Super Jinnah FC. This club was located in our area and it is a registered club on Punjab Level. I started playing for them and it was like that my dream come true that i am in a club and practicing like i saw other clubs on internet and tv channels,  it was so beautiful and lovely. I remember my debut match i was so confused that i was not able to make a single contact with the ball when i was on the pitch .

Then i worked hard. My teammates Raja Amjad, Javaid Iqbal , Javaid and my brother Shaheer and Coach Sir Shami trained me in a way that now i play this game very well and now i am a player on which the coach trusts.

As i get better and better my dreams become bigger and bigger, my dream is to play at the Anfield From the Liverpool side i want to feel the atmosphere of that ground playing with Everton or Manchester United because we have the best fans in the World but for me it is a dream and i have very less hope to play their in a Liverpool Squad but i am fulfilling my dream by playing for a club like Super Jinnah FC.

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