FPDC Stories: Abdullah Humayun, “I want to play for the Army Football Team and for Pakistan.”

FPDC Stories: Abdullah Humayun, “I want to play for the Army Football Team and for Pakistan.”

My name is Abdullah Humayun. I am 17 years old and I have just completed my matriculation. I have been playing and following football since I was in the 2nd grade. I play as a centre back and I am an AC Milan fan.

My father is an army officer so we moved around a lot. When he was posted at Multan I got training from a young sepoy who was in the army football team. I was in the third grade back then. Soon after that I gathered a few neighbors and made a football team of our locality. We used to have matches with teams from other areas. It was so exciting to wake up every sunday morning , calling up all the teammates , cramming up in one vehicle and going for the matches.


After 2 years in Multan, Dad was transferred to Rawalpindi. I gained further exposure there, playing at the Army stadium (near GHQ) and Chaklala Sports Complex. Now i am in lahore for the past 4 years. I have represented several amateur clubs here and I am the school team captain (GAB). Under my captaincy we reached the semifinal of Punjab Olympics which is the most important amateur school football championship in Punjab. Apart from that we won a couple of other inter school tournaments.

My future ambitions are playing for the army football team after getting commission in army as an officer. and hopefully from there to the national team. In this way I can earn a respectable livelihood as well as chase my dream which is to represent pakistan at international level.

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Football has been an essential part of my life. It has supported me in depressing times , It has helped me in grooming up my personality and I have got a lot of self confidence due to football. I used to be a pretty shy kid , but not on the field.! Football has provided me an opportunity to channel my aggression into something positive. For me when you step into that field nothing else matters more.

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