“KRL Achievements Reflect the Good Work being done by the PFF” Says FIFA president JS Blatter

“KRL Achievements Reflect the Good Work being done by the PFF” Says FIFA president JS Blatter

PFF Press Release

Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) president JS Blatter has appreciated Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) for the continuation of its fruitful efforts being done for the development of football at all levels in Pakistan despite of certain hindrances.

FIFA president JS Blatter through a letter written to the President PFF Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, has praised & congratulated Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) over their recent 3rd in a row and overall 4th title win in 10th Pakistan Premier Football League 2014. He has appreciated the efforts of the KRL (Khan Research Laboratories) Coaches, players and team management. At the same time Mr. Blatter has praised the PFF and said that over the years Pakistan has been active in many development activities in football. It’s a large country and football is played everywhere in Pakistan.

Further expressing his emotions Mr. Blatter said” “Pakistan is very prominent among the emerging football Nations in the Asia”. He has also praised the present regime of the PFF for taking number of revolutionary steps and introducing a number of reforms for better & multidimensional growth of football in Pakistan.

Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, President PFF has thanked Mr. Blatter and said that the acknowledgement of the achievements of KRL by the FIFA President himself is very encouraging for the development of football in Pakistan and it has once again shown the great interest of the supreme football controlling authority of the world it has in the betterment of football in our country.

“Whether it is Grassroot and Youth  football or it is senior level and women football even if we just witness the building of infrastructure, FIFA and AFC are continuously supporting us in all aspects of the game” he added more. “KRL has shown its class during the PPFL 2014 and we are expecting them to earn more glories for Pakistan by winning the next AFC President Cup. We have selected the right path and are heading towards our set goals” PFF President said.

At this occasion the General Secretary PFF Lt. Col. (Retd.) Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi has said that the regular and systematical organization of Pakistan Premier Football League has started to produce very positive results. The performance of KRL is the right example in this regard. The teams are improving rapidly in this healthy and highly competitive league. “We are bringing in more reforms according to the guidelines given by the FIFA and AFC in this respect” he said.