Pakistan squad ready for Lebanon tour [Express Tribune]

Pakistan squad ready for Lebanon tour [Express Tribune]

Sports Correspondent – Express Tribune

KARACHI: Kaleemullah will lead the national football team on a friendly tour to Lebanon; the squad is set to leave for Beirut in the early hours of Monday.

Pakistan will play a friendly match on February 19, in order to prepare the team for the Asia U22 Cup later in the year.

Assistant coach Hassan Baloch said that the team will go in the match to win, while captain Kaleemullah agreed that the hopes of the young players are high for the tour.

“It’s going to be a good experience for the entire young squad,” Kaleemullah told The Express Tribune.

“We have a lot of energy and the team has the aggression to win the match. Lebanon are a better side but we are hoping to win.” Kaleemullah said that head coach Mohamed Salman hand-picked the players for the tour while the team worked hard for in a camp in Lahore.

“The focus is the young players and the reason for this tour is to get as much international exposure as we can. We have new players as well,” said Kaleemullah.

Published in The Expres Tribune, February 17th, 2014.