Nasir praises Shamlan for helping coaches [The News]

Nasir praises Shamlan for helping coaches [The News]

Sports Correspondent – The News

KARACHI: Pakistan’s former assistant coach Nasir Ismail on Thursday praised Pakistan coach Mohammed Shamlan and Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) for sending a few coaches to Bahrain for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Licence A course.

“I appreciate the efforts of Shamlan and the PFF,” Nasir told ‘The News’ here in an interview.

“He is not only playing a great role in the improvement of coaches’ qualification but he is also keen to help Pakistan’s top players sign contracts with the top clubs of Bahrain,” said Nasir.

He also lauded former Pakistan coach Zavisa Milosavljevic for arranging contracts of Pakistan players with clubs in Kyrgyzstan.

“I really admire Zavisa as he is still helping Pakistan and the way he helped Kaleemullah and Mohammad Adil in striking deals with Kyrgyzstan’s top club Dordoi Bishkek, I think Pakistan will be forever indebted to him for the job he has done,” said Nasir, coach of the National Bank of Pakistan team.

He advised the coaches who are going for the course to prepare themselves for the task ahead. “The coaches going for the course should be well prepared. They must be computer literate, or they would face problems during the course,” said Nasir, who is himself a Licence A coach.

“Till Licence C, the things are manual but after that you must have awareness of the modern technology, particularly the PowerPoint software. Without that it would be difficult to give a presentation,” he said.

He also suggested to the PFF that they should hold a Licence A coaching course in Pakistan.

“The PFF chief Faisal Saleh Hayat has strong links with the continental body. If Pakistan holds a similar course in Lahore it will be great. Shamlan, who is a Pro-Licence holder, can conduct the course. This would benefit more Pakistani coaches,” he said.

Nasir also expressed his desire to undergo the Pro-Licence course. “After 2017, a national team’s coach must have a Pro-Licence. Keeping this in mind, I want to do this course. My department National Bank is supporting me. If PFF extends some support to me, I will be able to obtain Pro-Licence as I have read its modules,” Nasir said.

“Despite being a small country, Bhutan has a Pro-Licence coach, who now conducts Licence B coaching courses in his own country as the nominee of the AFC. We should learn from them,” Nasir said.