LIVE AFC U-16 Qualifiers: Pakistan vs. Iran

LIVE AFC U-16 Qualifiers: Pakistan vs. Iran

Welcome to FootballPakistan’s LIVE and exclusive text commentary for the AFC U-16 Qualifier between Pakistan and Iran at the Punjab Stadium, Lahore. 

Pakistan starting line-up: Pakistan XI: Mohammad Shoaib, Rashid Khan, Adnan Ashraf, Mohammad Shahbaz, Mohammad Waleed, Munir Baloch, Faisal Hasan, Mohammad Zohaib, Umair Ali, Rajab Ali (c), Hassam Mehmood

Final: Pakistan 0-2 Iran

Match Updates:

Full-Time Score: Pakistan 0-2 Iran

90+’ Shoaib saves Pakistan again! The youngster piles away the shot from Iran’s forward, who easily dribble past the Pakistani defence on the right-flank.

89′ Chaos in the goalmouth! Iran take a shot at goal from point-blank range, but Shoaib saves and panic breaks loose as Pakistan is unable to clear.

87′ Iran take a solid freekick that troubles goalkeeper Shoaib and the visitors pile on more pressure with a corner. Iran looking for a 3rd it seems.

84′ Change for Pakistan Hamza ON Umair OFF

78′ Iran score through Mohammad Shamsi! Shamsi beats the Pakistan defence and catches goalkeeper Shoaib out of their position.

75′ Yellow card for Arsalan Ali of Pakistan!

72′ Pakistan slowly building up possession despite their fitness issues. But now it’s Iran to take a throw and use numbers in the box. A good shot by Nima, but goalkeeper Shoaib shows his abilities with a brilliant stop!

70′ Goalkeeper Shoaib clears the ball with a thumping punch and Pakistan try to counter. A good ball to Waleed on the wing sees Iran catch up and ultimately get possession back.

67′ Pakistan’s Adnan Ashraf takes a long-range freekick, but it’s well wide in the end!

66′ Mehran of Iran is getting treatment by the physios. And both teams catch a breather.

62′ Change for Iran! Hesam ON Saeed OFF

60′ Change for Pakistan! Wali Khan OFF Hassam Mehmood ON

59′ Iran have a half-chance to score score, but the striker puts it wide from an easy position! Pakistan escape yet again!

55′ Iran have been running at the Pakistan defence and are clearly dominating. But our defenders are struggling to cope!

50′ Iran take a corner and showcase their superiority by holding off the Pakistani defence. And now the visitors make a change! Raza Karimi OFF Mohammad Shamsi IN

49′ Iran again on the front foot! Leading from the back and taking shots. It’s going to be long 45 minutes for Pakistan!

46′ We’re back with the 2nd half!

Half-Time Score: Pakistan 0-1 Iran

45+’ Faisal Hasan fouls Irani capatain Wahid and the referee gives him red card! But then realizes he made a mistake and gives Faisal a yellow card!

44′ Raza Karimi has been very impressive on the wing for Iran and he’s probably going to to score more goals unless Pakistan stop the ball supply to him.

40′ Change for Pakistan! Rashid Khan OUT Arsalan Ali IN

35′ Raza Karimi places in another outstanding cross from the right and Pakistan’s sleepy defence is lucky that Wahid missed a sitter!

31′ Nima Mukhtari really looking impressive, as Iran launch attack after attack. Adnan Ashraf finally manages to clear and gives away a corner.

29′ Nima Mukhtari scores for Iran!! Wahid gets the assist and the visitors have taken the lead!

29′ Raza Karimi gets into a great position on the right, but his weak shot is easily gathered by Shoaib.

23′ Munir skys the ball from long-distance, but a bit of worry for Pakistan as Faisal Hasan is receiving treatment from physio Kamran Mehdi!

18′ Nima scores for Iran, but it’s called offside by the officials!

17′ Munir Baloch weaving past the Irani defence and puts in a decent effort, but Irani goalkeeper Farid makes a brilliant, low save!

14′ Raza Karimi puts in a low corner which Pakistan clear. But Waleed Ayaz gives a reckless and unneeded foul, which Iran are try to convert but earn a corner instead!

11′ Nima Daghestani puts in a long-ball, but the Pakistani defence keep them at bay with keeper Shoaib catching the ball. Raza Karimi has a long range shot but the ball goes out by a mile!

9′ Raza Karimi of Iran puts in a dangerous cross, but Wahid Aftari fouls Pakistan’s Rashid Khan in the process of chasing the ball.

6′  Munir Baloch almost pounces on a defensive error! But Iran manage to clear! Pakistan looking dangerous!

1″: Kick-off!!