Yousuf Butt exclusive interview

Malik Riaz Hai Naveed, Webmaster and Chief-Editor, from whatsapp

Pakistans number one Goalkeeper Yousuf Butt exclusively talked to FootballPakistan.Com from the airport in Kathmandu about the SAFF Championship which finished today for Pakistan.

FootballPakistan.Com: Yousuf, after such a drama, please tell us how you feel.

Yousuf Butt: Well it was very unlucky! “Qismat” did not want us to go trough. I feel we as a team played well because we played as a Unit. I feel very bad about the Nepal goal in Extra time. But in my opinion it was a clear foul because the Nepali player pushes me with his hands and only because of that I lost balance.

FPDC: How do you rate the performance of the team? Did you see any difference in regard to previous performances?

YB: Yes there was a big difference! We have changed our playing style. I am looking forward to the future and I hope that we can continue our offensive style.

FPDC: After GK Coach Aslam Khan got sacked, you trained without any GK Coach. What is your opinion on the training? Does a team need a GK Coach?

YB: Of course we need a GK coach. We saw that all other teams had foreign coaches as gk coach. But our coach Shahzad Anwar told me to take charge of the keepers. I just did that but I hope that we will get a GK coach in the future. Hopefully a foreigner. But the PFF has to decide that within their budget.

FPDC: You are about to fly back in some minutes, what will you do when you reach Denmark?

YB: Well I have taken a flight home as soon as possible after we did not make it to the semis. As team captain of my club in Denmark it’s my duty to try to get home in time to help out my team back in Europe.

FPDC: Thanks and have a safe flight, brother!

YB: Thank you! And inshallah better times are ahead for Pakistani football and all of us. Thank you guys for all the support!