8TH GSA Ramadan D-Goal (01 August 2013)

8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates (1 August Updates – links are live)

Thursday August 1 – Results (QF)

1- Galacticos 1 (Kashif Ali) (3-2 on penalties for Galacticos)

Red Devils 1 (Yasir)

Galacticos are in the semi finals once again but they had to limp against the super fit Red Devils. The tempo played by the Devils was stunning and they really pushed the former champions to the very limit and only a late equalizer deflected in was the reason they are still in it. Penalties but expertly converted by experienced side.

2- Free Stylers 4 (Ghassan 3, Mehtab)

Gunners 1 (Aqib)

The Champs are out. No team has ever won consecutive D Goals and this year the trend will continue. Free Stylers make the semi for the third straight year after winning convincingly against the tough Gunners. Another gem of a triple by Ghassan saw his side move into semis.

3- Old Fighters 0

Shahbaz 3 (Abid 2, Jamil)

It was a last minute goal that saved Shahbaz last year in the semi before they somehow lost on penalties to All Stars. This year again they stand in the semis after a convincing display against one of the best Futsal sides of Karachi in Old Fighters. Abid continues to be the key man and was deadly today.

Top Scorers

Abdul Rehman (DID FC) – 8 goals (Hot Fav)
Abid (Shahbaz FC) – 8 goals (Hot Fav)
Ghassan Bakhsh (Free Stylers) – 7 goals (Hot Fav and Defending Champion)
Saad Farooq (Red Devils) – 6 Goals
Zahid Iqbal (Galacticos) – 5 Goals (Outside Chance)

Fixtures for Friday 2 August – All SFS

1- Galacticos vs DID FC

Galacticos – Two Time Finalist, One Time winner and Galacticos are the most decorated team remaining in the tournament. Style has always been easy on the eyes and this time the old timers combined with young talent are ready for one last push.

Key Players – Barra (Arguably the greatest talent GSA D Goal has seen), Zahid (It’s all about crucial goals).

DID FC – This team is the best Gulberg has to offer. They are quick, accurate and deadly on the move. They have targeted this tournament and want to leave their mark.

Key Players – A. Rehman (8 goals and going strong), Usman (The link between attack and defense is showing maturity beyond his age), Asad K. (The stopper has received rave reviews).

2- Free Stylers vs Shahbaz

Free Stylers – Losing Semi Finalists in the last two tournaments. This year they want to go all the way. The most stylish team of the tournament and a crowd raiser.

Key Players – Ghassan (7 goals for last year’s top scorers is carrying the team this year), Asad Babar (GSA always recognizes more than just the goals, and this guy can do it all), Ashad (Has been a Rock in goal)

Shahbaz FC – Favorites last year, and improved this year. This team is tearing it up and with consecutive clean sheets look like a force to be reckoned with.

Key Players – Abid (8 Goals and just ahead of the pack in the race)

All the mentioned key players are favorites for the player of the tournament award but the list applies to any one who can provide two explosive performances in the Semi and Finals and win the big one.

Sunday will be the epic final.

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