8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates (31 July Updates)

Wednesday July 31 – Results (2nd Round + QF)

1- Galacticos 4 (Zahid x2MehmoodKashif Ali)
The A team 1 (Usman “Berba”)

The A team were very organized in the first half and kept it very tight frustrating the Galacticos and a well taken equalizer in the first half had the Galacticos thinking. This bought forward a flurry of changes as Zahid and Kashif Ali came on in the second half to give the finishing touch to the final score line.

2- Free Stylers 4 (Ghassan 3, Faizan)

(Majid Shaheed 1 (Mohammad Bin Younis)

This match was expected to be close but the Free Stylers look like an energized outfit. They had all guns blazing as last year’s top scorer Ghassan scored a stunning hatrick to seal the deal.

3- Bafana 2 (Asad, O.G)

DID FC 4 (A. Rehman 2, Asad K., Usman)

The first QF pitted regular semifinalists Bafana against the young DID FC side on a mission, and the game lived up to its expectations. An early two nil lead was tied up by Bafana in the second half but Usman who has lived up his role as key man scored late before it was top scorer of the tournament A. Rehman added a late second to seal the deal. Stunning.

A. Rehman moves in the lead with 8 goals.

Fixtures for Thursday 1 August – All QFS

1- Galacticos vs Red Devils
It’s the battle of two GSA teams. The experienced Galacticos are slight favorites ahead of the first timers but with energy unmatched the Red Devils are known to surprise a few.

2- Free Stylers vs Gunners
This was a super battle in last year’s SF. This shows how consistent these teams are but the GSA tournament always brings together good sides at key stages as known performing teams make it through.

3- Old Fighters vs Shahbaz
The last of the QFs is a top battle. Two guys in form, two experienced captains and house hold names of Karachi go head to head.

Friday will host the Semis

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