Lahore 7 side championship update Results day 4

Results of 10 matches that were played on 19th july 2013

Match 1 result : Sharks Vs Chaunsa –> 2-1
sharks won the match with an epic comeback. Chaunsa opened the scoring for the match in the first half. Chaunsa’s striker was fed a wonderful ball by the mid fielder and he was one on one with the keeper where he brilliantly finished the ball fed. after that Ahmed mukhtar equalized the number of goals by calmly placing the ball in to the bottom corner. And the winner was scored by the man of the match , and the man is kamil cheema. sharks won by 2 goals.

Match 2 result : –> 0-3
Hell Vs Mustangs
this was a one sided match as hell had co-ordination problems and couldn’t keep the ball much. mustang won by 3 goals. scorers were –> Ali , Shaani , Waji

Match 3 Result:

Dethrone Vs Fc Kaos –> 0-2

Fc Kaos won by 2 goals.

Fc kaos totally dominated the the match. As dethrone were playing like a new born team. My suggestions dethrone needs to work on their passing, too much individual display was being displayed by dethrone. Fc Kaos were very much in balance and played really very well , their china return Jasim tanweer played one hell of a game and was man of the match. There was an exceptional shot taken from quite a range by zeeshan from Kaos and whoop it was a top corner and goal !

Match 4:

LGS Sports Club Vs RAVIANS–> 0-1

this match was a well balanced match , both team created opportunities and both keepers were tested. Ravians won by a goal. scorer was awais from ravians.

Match 5 :

All Stars Vs Nukes –> 0-1

Nukes played brilliantly. Formation was too much defensive which slowed their attack. All stars were relatively younger players as compared to nukers but they showed good determination and stopped them at one goal only. Nukes could have made more opportunities if they had played with 2 man defense against all stars.the only goal was scored by hassan azam and it was goal of the day. Awais ameen fed a very low cross in to the box from kick in and hassan azam dived in reverse to convert the cross into the goal.

Match 6:

A1 Vs GPFC –> 0-0

both teams fought really hard. The skill factor was more in A1 as compared to GPFC but GPFC had an edge over A1 in aggression and Work ethics.

Match 7 :

Fame Jr Vs Cake United —> 0-0

These teams really played their hearts out. An intense game it was. Both teams kept on denying each other till the end. Fame played relatively rough and cake coped with them brilliantly. Few chances created by fame were more than awesome and surprisingly Talaq Cheema denied them . Talaq is a defender and was playing keeper for the team and made sure his team stays in the match. Well played guys.

Match 8 :

Fame Sr Vs J3 –> 0-2

J3 could have could have made it to the finals, they played brilliantly and played like professionals. They again missed a brilliant chance in the beginning , which could have changed the scenario as it is said that early goal is always an advantage. Match was intense and players were heated up . Few words were exchanged between players and referee coped with them well. Fame Sr’s Start Player usman Virk rose up to the occasion and grabbed a goal for the Fame followed by another goal that sealed the victory for them. Man of the match was left back from Fame sr who helped fame in attack as well as kept on denying J3 till the end, name of the lb is Imran. Hard Luck J3.

Match 9 :

Banana Street Sr Vs A9U —> 0-2

A9U is one of the best teams in the tournament, they are seriously not an easy team to beat. They were playing without their star player Bilal Ashraf and few others. They fought well but lost at the end. Banana Street capitalized on their weakness as they are also regular footballers and is a very strong team. banana dominated the match and won in the end. their attacks kept on getting stronger and stronger with the passage of time. Ali raza scored a brilliant goal and one was an own goal form A9u’s defender Hafiz. Congratz to banana and hard luck A9U.

Match 10:

12th Battalions Vs Zizu —> 0-7

12th Battalions played really well and tried to stop many goals. they lacked the structure and organization but with time they’ll develop and will be counted among best , i believe. Zizu as always kept 80-85% possesion and totally outclassed the opponent. Rizwan Scored 3 goals, Meryy Scored 3 goals. Ali Scored a goal and One was scored by waqar ahmed.