Lahore 7 Side Championship Final Match


AC headed by Asad Nadir & Muhaymin Maneka , has won the tournament by defeating Zizu fc. AC scored 2 goals and both were scored by the captain asad nadir. Zizu played brilliantly but couldn’t score. A well fought match it was.

Congratulations AC .

Player of the tournament : Asad Nadir ( given on the basis of crucial goals scored and his work ethics).

Keeper Of the tournament : Nauman Nadeem (Zizu) & NIAZI (AC).. both keepers played the tournament very well !

Best Game play : Zizu Fc

Best work rate : Fame Jr

Best Match : Fame Sr Vs Red devil

Upset of the tournament : Fame jr 1- 0 Red devils

Top scorer : Rizwan Kazmi with 6 goals and 5 assists

Best Play maker : Shehryar sheikh (AC)

Best Defender : Arsalan (Red Devils)

Best work rate (individual) : Noman Zubair

Team that conceded most goals : 12th battalion

Thank you every one for participating and making this event a successful one!