8TH GSA Ramdan D-Goal (19 July Update)

Friday 19 July – Results

1- Shahbaz FC 3 (Abid 2, Usama)
    Saudia Sports 2   (Aimal 2)

Last years wounded semifinalists were in in trouble early as Saudia Sports started with blistering pace and goals, two by Aimal. Then slowly Abid who scored nine in a game last year started pulling the strings and scored twice as Shahbaz turned the game on its head 3-2.

Sharp Shooter Challenge – Yasir from GSA 3 clinched the sharp shooter title.

Saturday 20 July – Fixtures

1- Free Stylers vs Young Khans

2- Young Fighters vs Majid Shaheed

3- Old Fighters vs FC 612

Sunday 21 July – Fixtures

1- Street Wizards vs Rebellions

One of the most stylish Champions of D Goal will battle one of the most exciting talents of Karachi in Imran Bin Imam.

2- Mario Bros. vs Engro Utd.

The Mario Bros. are experts in Futsal and Engro United is an industrious side.

3- All Stars Malir vs Gunners FC

The most awaited team of 2013, the defending champs face a tough side from Malir. Hot Ticket this one.

Show up on the venue to enjoy.