8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates

Monday 23 July – Results

1- DID FC 4 (A. Rehman 2, Asad, Usman)
Knights FC 1 (Sameer)

This one went as expected. DID FC who are an active Futsal side were always favorites and led by regular top scorer in major events, Captain A. Rehman won the match quite comfortably. Good spirit from the young Knights in the second half as Talha Sohail led the fight.

2- FC Young Stars 6 (Mahmood 2, Hassan 2, Awais , Anas)
Gulshan Warriors 3 (Mujtaba 2, Daniyal)

The young stars were stunned when young GSA starlet Mujtaba scored within five seconds of the start. His wavy dribble was causing troubles and Young Stars were down 2-0. Then they showed real composure and maturity as they kept on stringing passes together and soon opened up the Warriors at will. Good win for the Young Stars.

Wednesday 24 July – Fixtures

1- Galacticos vs GBFC
One time winner and two times finalist face a young GBFC side. Will it go to plan?

2- Bafana vs Gulshan United
Another team with a proud history takes on a young Gulshan United side. Is an upset on?

Don’t miss a chance to watch these great sides.

8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates (24-7-13 update – links are live)

Wednesday 24 July – Results

1- Galacticos 4 (Zahid 3, Barra) (2-1 on penalties for Galacticos)
GBFC 4 (Saqib 3, Ahmed)

We have had some exciting fixtures in this tournament but none more than this one as the crowd was on its feet feeling the upset will happen, but it did not. Down 4-2 to some superb forward play from Saqib of GBFC, Galacticos were able to rally in the last ten minutes and somehow clinch this one on penalties.

2- Bafana 3 (Ali Hassan, Asad 2)
Gulshan United 1(Taha)

Favorites Bafana were in cruise control during this one, missing one of Central District’s best players Kashif Ali, the star studded Bafana never turned on top gear.

Thursday 25 July – Fixtures

1- Red Devils vs Patriots
Two young teams head to head round off the first round and bring it to a closure.

2- Bafana vs FC Sharks (2nd Round)
Bafana Cruised and FC Sharks crushed Something will have to give in this top second round clash.

As we get closer to the quarters, excitement is unlimited.