8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates (30 July Updates)

Tuesday 30 July – Results (2nd Round)

1- Elite United 2 (Sarmad, Hassan Sultan)
Red Devils 7 (Saad Farooq 5, Shariq K. , Abdullah)

Red Devils were more than ready for this one. Elite United were stunned by some hot shooting from Saad Farooq who moved into the lead as top scorer for round and over all with six goals. Despite Afnan Khan’s goal saving tackles Red Devils were too much.

2- Old Fighters 1 (Faisal Madni) (Old Fighters win 2-1 on penalties)

Rebellions 1 (O.G)

This was one tense affair. Rebellions Hamza Yunus was tearing the court with his up and down tempo causing all sort of trouble for the Old Fighters and they were trailing for a long period before a half-baked call by the Ref produced a half stoppage which allowed Faisal Madni to score an all-important equalizer. Penalties were not favorable for the tough Rebellions.

Sharp Shooter Challenge – Afnan Khan won his second straight shooting challenge to become first ever two time winner of the competition.

Fixtures for Wednesday 31 July

1- Free Stylers vs Majid Shaheed
This one is just a top notch battle. Mehtab and Ghassan will try to lead there team past, Mohammad Bin Younis and Amir

2- Galacticos vs The A team
The experienced Galacticos will play the fast paced A team in the last of the 2nd round of matches. The A team are rested and ready and Galacticos are ever hungry to return to glory.

3- Bafana vs DID FC
The first QF is a stunning affair. The inform DID FC team have slightly edged ahead in this one as favorites due to two solid performances, but Bafana is the ultimate fighting machine and proven.

2013_07_30 - IMG_6418 2013_07_30 - IMG_6420 2 2013_07_30 - IMG_6436 2 2013_07_30 - IMG_6442The Stage is set and the court is on fire. Thursday all remaining QF will take place.