8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates (27-7-13 update)

Saturday 27 July – 2nd Round Results
2013_07_27 - IMG_6344
1- Shahbaz FC 4 (Abid 4)
FC Young Stars 0

This match saw a stunning performance from one of the best players of the tournament last year and this year Abid. He scored four goals but it was his timely bursts through the middle and expert finishing that was the main reason for this win. Shahbaz looking as strong as last year when they had a heart break in the semis.2013_07_27 - IMG_6345


Sharp Shooter Challenge – Hassan from Young Stars won the sharp shooting contest with a delicate chip.
2013_07_27 - IMG_6347 - 2

Sunday 28 July Fixtures
1- Gunners FC vs JSK 10pm

The Champions face JSK, a side which caused a major upset with win over All Stars. This is expected to be fire crackers all over.

Monday 29 July Fixtures
1- DID FC vs Majid Shaheed 10pm

It is DID FC vs Majid Shaheed, is it Pakistan Star Mohammad Bin Y.  vs Karachi Sharp Shooter A. Rehman.
Its getting heated guys.