8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates (25-7-13 update – links are live)

Thursday 25 July – Results

1- Red Devils 1 (Saad Farooq)01 - 2013_07_25 - IMG_631702 - 2013_07_25 - IMG_6318
Patriots 0

Red Devils the young GSA Campus 3 side gained qualification into the tournament by winning the GSA Ramadan league. The first timers struggled against the tough patriots side and in the end quality from Saad Farooq was needed to win.

2- Bafana 4 (Ali Hassan, Kashif ZafarAli Athar Mohsin 2) 03 - 2013_07_25 - IMG_6320
FC Sharks 2 (JariAmmar)

The first second round match was a tough match from the go. FC Sharks has Jari Abbas, but it was Kashif Zafar who broke the dead lock. In the second FC Sharks made a good game out of it but Ali Athar Mohsin realizing the importance and stepped up his game to seal the deal. Two day two wins and Bafana are in the quarters.


Friday July 26 is rest and then the tournament will resume with second round action.

Top Scorers

Two players will share the cash prize after the first round. They both scored 5 Goals.

Waqar Hussain of Old Fighters

Raja Saif Pittal of Elite Unite

The Race has just begun. Catch the end.