FPDC’s SAFF Cup 2013 promo goes viral

FPDC’s SAFF Cup 2013 promo goes viral

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FootballPakistan.com (FPDC) released a video promo for the SAFF Championship 2013 on Friday, but what followed was a major surprise even to the veterans of the beautiful game in Pakistan.

300,000 views, 3000 shares, 2500 likes and 400 comments (mostly positive) later, the video, the first of its kind in Pakistan, is still making hefty rounds on the Social Media circuit.

FPDC has always been committed to promoting football in Pakistan but a video attempt was a first for our organization, despite being established over 10 years ago. Working in coordination with World Sports Group (WSG); the organizers of the SAFF Cup, the plan was quickly put into action, as we drew up a script, negotiated with a production house and contacted potential actors!


Not only did FPDC put in their own monetary investment, but the team based in Islamabad had to personally oversee each and every aspect of the video, ranging from hectic trips to the Jinnah Stadium, picking up Pakistan’s National Team players from the terminal to endless post-editing sessions with X-Productions.

However, in the end it was all worth it. Every rupee spent and every breathless sweat in the hot sun paid off as the promo was critically acclaimed by the Social Media scene.


FPDC would like to thank everyone for spreading the good word and prays that the Pakistan National Team emerges victorious in Nepal later this year.

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Watch the promo here: http://www.facebook.com/footballpakistan/posts/10201555265706116