Pakistan football federation announce body of Sindh Football association

Chairman Anwer Khanzada, President, Sohrab khosso, Secretary General Riaz Ahmad. the whole provincial associations will be completed; Zainab Mushtaq

Karachi: Pakistan Feet Ball Federation introduce feet ball game all over Pakistan the popularity procedure of feet ball is start. The head office will be held in Lahore Mmodel Town and secretariat office will be in Islamabad. the body structure of Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and FATA associations has been finalised. After complete the sindh association procedure in sindh feet ball take start popularity in sindh zone. According to Zainab Mushtaq head of executive committee following officials will work with following designation chairman sindh association Anwer Hussain Khanzada, president Sohrab khosso,Vice president Ahmad Jaan, Secretary General Riaz Ahmad. In whole Pakistan all provincial feet ball associations officials has been elected. According to instructions of IFBF whole provincial association registration procedure completed. Pakistan feet ball federation quit ready to start the affiliation procedure with Pakistan Sports Board and Pakistan Olympic Association.

whole provincial association also ready to start the affiliation procedure with provincial sports board and provincial Olympic association.

Each team will be comprise of eighteen players. Each team will be played two half. Each half time period will be thirty five minutes.

In Ist half their will be nine players and nine in second half.

The player who played IST half does not allow to play second half only saver can play two half.

Each team will have two captains each captain will play one half.

The size of ball will be 65/66cm and its weight will be 420 to 430 grams.

The colour of ball should essentially be white in Ist half and yellow in the second half.

The size of the ground will be 70 x 40 i.e the length will be 70 meters width 40 meters.

The score post hight is7.5 feet and 16 feet width from its base up to the height of three feet will be wooden bar and the rest will be of net.

If a player of attacking team hits the ball to the wooden bar he-she will get three score, if the ball hit the net then two score given to attacking team.

IF the ball hit the head/forehead two score will given no matter which area of scoring post it hits.

Which team achieve more score then it will be winner.

Three field umpires and one TV Umpires supervise the match

For match two score keeper and two time keeper will be work.

One match commissioner will perform his/her duty during the match.

Every official will be wearing the recommended uniform of the federation.

For getting the Pakistan football federation sindh football association heartily thanks to president of Pakistan feet ball federation Zia Arif, Senior Vice President Tajamal khan and Head of Executive Committee Zainab Mustaq.

New SFA Body announced by PFF