Ajmal takes parting shot at PFF

Ajmal takes parting shot at PFF

Agha Muhammad AjmalKARACHI, March 15: Pakistan Football Federation’s recently-fired media manager Agha Ajmal hit out at the country’s football governing body as he left his post on Friday.

Ajmal, a competent professional who took over the post in June 2011, has slammed the PFF for their ‘unreasonable demands’, ‘thirst for popularity’ and ‘unprofessional attitude’.

The main reason PFF gave for axing him was that it was on a cost-cutting drive however, Ajmal says that isn’t the case with they getting hefty sums in annual grants from the AFC and FIFA.

“The PFF earns millions in rent income from their building but they sacked me calling it a cost-cutting move,” he told Dawn in a written statement.

“They gave a flimsy excuse, telling me that I’m not writing articles in newspapers — a job that isn’t made for a media manager.

“The articles proposed by the management were mere politically-motivated advertisements with touch of personal exaggeration for the top notches of the Federation.”

Meanwhile, on the working of the PFF, Agha informed that it doesn’t even have a permanent marketing professional.

“The marketing manager brings in sponsors, event endorsements, corporate donations but the PFF has already gotten rid of a permanent marketing personal,” he said. “The only marketing consultant is a part timer working on commission basis, with no future prospects.”

Agha added that the finance manager of the body has been given the added task of marketing — something which he isn’t even qualified for.

“The finance manager is neither qualified nor experienced while another politically well-connected scion, Syed Mohammad Hasnain, currently working as Manager Development has got additional charge of women’s wing, international protocol and even media,” he said.

“Even though I’ve earned plaudits from FIFA, the PFF has thought of me as a hindrance to their politically-motivated agenda and hence, they removed me!”

by Umaid Wasim [Dawn]