Rumour that Lucky Nugget are set to sponsor a Premiership team

If the rumour currently circulating that an as-yet unnamed Premiership team could be set to announce a big-money sponsorship deal with the top online casino site Lucky Nugget, it would really not be that much of a surprise for most observers. After all, online casino and football are two industries which are thriving, at a time when that could not really be said for many other business sectors – making a team-up between two of the bigger names from both seem pretty logical. However, beyond that, there are plenty of reasons why a sponsorship deal between Lucky Nugget and a Premiership team would make great sense.
First of all, a number of Premier League teams are already sponsored by either online casino or sports betting sites, suggesting that teaming the two industries up works well and that further sponsorship of Premier League teams from this area is only a matter of time. Then there is the fact that, should this particular rumour turn out to be true, both parties stand to genuinely benefit from it.
On the one hand it would almost certainly be a tremendous deal for whatever club is involved, because – like the Premier League – the online companies such as Lucky Nugget are very successful and any sponsorship link-up would be for major money. However the deal would also likely be very beneficial for Lucky Nugget, as a lot of football fans love to have a flutter and sponsoring a team in the Premier League would make many more of them aware of Lucky Nugget, and the games that are available at the site. Given that these include traditional casino games with a football-themed twist – like the slot game Shoot found in – it seems likely that football fans would find the experience to their liking should they visit.