First KMC inter-school futsal event in January

KARACHI: The KMC sports department will organise an inter-school futsal championship in January 2013.

This will be the first futsal championship in the country to be organised by any government administration.

KMC has a history of organising sports events in various disciplines to provide youngsters chances to prove themselves.

Futsal has been fast spreading among the youth of the country for the past several years. Young boys themselves have been organising tournaments of futsal in Karachi, but without support from the government.

The KMC has one of the biggest sports infrastructures in the country, but due to various reasons in the recent past KMC had stopped organising competitions, which was the hallmark of the KMC in 1980s and 1990s.

KMC administrator Muhammad Hussain Syed told ‘The News’ that futsal was gaining popularity among the youth of the country very fast. Thus, KMC’s sports department is going to organise futsal events, he said.

The administrator, who has issued orders to revive sports activities in the city by stopping marriage ceremonies at KMC sports complex, said that KMC had also allotted a big piece of land to Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association (PBSA) to establish its office and a snooker academy at Kashmir Road.

Syed said that KMC had a vision to promote sports in the metropolis, which is the only way to save youth from unhealthy environment.

He said KMC was planning Beach Games, a festival for the residents of Karachi’s islands and competitions for minorities.

He said that due to one reason or the other sports bodies were not using the extraordinary sports facilities owned by the KMC.

Syed said the private sector should come forward to organise sports activities in the city and take advantage of KMC sports infrastructure.

KMC sports director Reehan Khan said their department took the initiative of organising the futsal championship, realising the importance and peculiarity of the game.

He further said that KMC has planned various sports competitions for the beginning of the year.

Sports officer Jameel Ahmed said that the KMC championship would be organised at the futsal arena of Agha Khan School, Hussainabad.

He said that all government and private schools would be invited to participate in the championship.

The interested sports teachers of schools can contact KMC sports department for further details.

by Syed Intikhab Ali [the News]