Bor beat Red Sun in Punjab Chief Minister Cup opener

The opening game of Chief Minister Punjab International Football Cup as part of Punjab International Sports Festival 2012 was played on Friday 9 November 2012 between FK Bor (Serbia) youth side and Red Sun SC (Sri Lanka) at Punjab Stadium, Lahore.

FK Bor won the game 3-2. Other sides taking part are Shaab Ibb FC (Yemen), Erchim (Mongolia), and Punjab Greens and Punjab Whites. North Korea’s April 25 Sports Club was initially to take part but pulled out in last minute.

Scorers FK Bor: Lazarevic 12″, Milos Dosevski 40″, Dejan Masic “.
Scorers Red Sun SC: Sanoj Sameera 4″, Rohana Denesh 62”

Tomorrow’s Fixture:
Shaab Ibb FC (Yemen) vs Erchim FC (Mongolia)
Venue: Punjab Stadium at 1100 hours.

Match pics can be viewed on our facebook page