Karachi Football Round-up

Chanesar Goth’s Jhoolay Lal FC, affiliated with DFA East Karachi, held a general body meeting recently at Khaskheli Para that was presided over by Muhammad Rahim, senior vice president of DFA East.

Club secretary Ahmed Sarwar gave annual performance report to club members, and presented DFA East vice president Syed Usman Shah as the new president of Jhoolay Lal FC. Club officials recognised the contributions made to Karachi football by Syed Usman Shah and unanimously accepted him as their new president for next 4 years.

Muhammad Rahim was then named as Chief Executive of Jhoolay Lal FC. Ameer Ahmed Khaskheli and Ahmed Danish remained as vice presidents, Ahmed Sarwar as General Secretary, Manzoor Hussain as Joint Secretary, Aslam Rahi as Treasurer, and Abdul Jabbar as coach.

Syed Usman Shah concluded the session by requesting secretary Ahmed Sarwar to send the meeting’s written record to the DFA East office immediately.


The recently concluded PFF Congress and Executive Committee meeting at PFF House in Lahore saw the formation of various Working Committees.

Sindh Womens Football Association (Sindh WFA) member Sadia Sheikh and senior coach Tariq Lutfi be named in the PFF Futsal Committee as Chairperson and Vice-Chairman respectively.

All senior members of Karachi’s five District Football Associations (DFA East, West, Central, South, Malir), as well renowned football personalities from across Sindh congratulated Ms Sadia Sheikh and Tariq Lutfi for the appointments in PFF Futsal Committee and hoped that futsal will also be promoted across Pakistan under guidance of Pakistan Football Federation.


Senior football personality Haji Shamimuddin was admitted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital in Karachi over ill health.

The former member of DFA Karachi, former manager of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) football team, and Nazimabad Sports’ retired general secretary has been recently battling heart problems.

Numerous football personalities from Karachi have expressed their compassion and prayers for Haji Shamimuddin’s health and hope for a full recovery.