Gunners FC crowned Champions of 7th GSA D Goal

Gunners FC crowned Champions of 7th GSA D Goal

In an extra ordinary night the tournament came to an end with the toughest match of the tournament. 17th August Friday, Gunners FC from East Garden were crowned Champions of GSA D Goal. The night also witnessed the finale of the GSA Ramadan D Goal organized just for members of GSA and its final also took place. Both match reports are given.

1- Red Devils 2 – 2 Bafana (Red Devils win 2-1 on penalties)

Star Player – Ali Asad (Red Devils) – Two goals in the final from the tough youngster.

The GSA D Goal league pitted the youngest team of GSA Campus 3 vs the African players of GSA. The final was a great spectacle as the youngsters led two nil late into the second half. Bafana produced a couple of magical moments to tie it late into the game. Shariq Khattak clinched it with his game winning penalty kick. Joy for the youngsters.

7th Ramadan D Goal Final

2- Gunners FC 1 – 1 All Stars (Gunners FC win 4-3 on penalties)

Star Player – Imran (Gunners FC) – Imran proved to be the man of steel. His nerves were well held to help his team to an important win. He struck one penalty during the game and stuck two more in the penalty shoot out to clinch it.

The final match of the tournament started of as scripted with Gunners slowly putting there passes together and creating chances. Only a wasteful Aqib kept the score nil nil but a quick counter resulted in a penalty which was brilliantly struck by Imran to give his side the lead. The second half was a test of nerves for both teams and did All stars show there fighting spirit. Led by Amin the team produced a stunning come back to tie the game through Shahrukh. Then both teams produced a move after another but to no avail and it came down to penalties. 3-2 up after 3 penalties, Gunners FC showed why they are champions, as All stars made one mistake and two huge pressure penalties were stuck cleanly by Gunners FC players and it resulted in a brilliant win for Gunners FC. Glory to the Champions as they partied late into the night.

Winners Cash and Trophy – Gunners FC (given by Mr. Rashid Sadaruddin Representative of Coastal Steel) – This team played D Goal at lightning pace and kept concentration in all matches which resulted in three shoot out wins but they were a dominating side.

Runners Cash and Trophy – All Stars FC (given by Mr. Khalid of Gulshan Soccer Club) – The youngsters produced a great run but somehow fell short.

Best Player Award and Cash- Shahrukh Khattak (All Stars FC) – This amazing player scored in every game.

GSA D Goal Legend – Imran (Gunners FC) – Presented by GSA President Mr. Nadeem Sagar – This played picked up an amazing award for being un beaten in three GSA D Goal events. Twice a winner with Barca change of teams changed the fortunes of Gunners FC.

GSA D Goal Top Scorer – Ghassan (Free Stylers) –
10 goals in four matches. Unbelievably skilled player.

The event last 18 days, and 31 matches and resulted in a long night of celebrations for all finalist teams and special players. The event was helped by the Support of Coastal Steel and all the participating teams.

Long Live GSA. Long Live Pakistan.