All Stars, Gunners FC in GSA D-Goal final!

In a remarkable Ramadan tournament which has seen thirty two teams fight for the two coveted spots these two teams claim to be the supreme after 30 spectacular games.

1- Gunners FC 2 – 0 Free Stylers

Star Player – Ali (Gunners FC) – A Brilliant performance from the midfield master. Control, passing and shooting was spot on and also scored the game sealing second goal. Pic Provided.

The first semi final pitted two favorites together and what a game it was. There was no separation between the two teams and it took a mistake from last man of Free Stylers to give Gunners FC the lead. Asad Pathan carried the Free Stylers on his shoulders and produced one good shot after another but to no avail. A Slight knock slowed down Mehtab but Free Stylers kept up the fight but Gunners FC showed great experience and repelling there attacks until a well taken second sealed the deal. Great Run from the Free Stylers and the crowd favorites do not make the final but Gunners FC do and they are also crowd entertainers.

2- Shahbaz FC 2 – 2 All Stars ( All Stars win 3-2 on penalties)

Star Player – Shahrukh Khattak (All Stars) – It was a game of two super stars and Shahrukh came out on top. Pic Provided.

The inform team of Karachi, Shahbaz FC was facing up the young All Stars. As expected position and shots on goal was dominated by Shahbaz FC but All Stars like they have surprised everybody took the lead through an effort by Shahrukh. The crowd was silenced but not for long as Skill King Imran produced one move after another, and scored the equalizer. 1-1 at half time. The second half was frantic and with ten minutes to go All Stars took the lead again through Shahrukh and this bough to live one of the most attacking halves of the tournament. Imran led the fightback and produced a shot after another until  the last ten seconds where stunningly he equalized. Credit to All Stars as they stayed strong and won the match to upset the Shahbaz FC side but in the end even the Shahbaz FC crowd had to accept the tough All Stars.

Goal Challenge Winner
– Imran (Shahbaz FC) – This Skill king cannot stop scoring he won his second Goal Challenge winner and won cash. Pic provided

Final Preview – Friday 17th August

All Stars – The team from Gulshan and Futsal specialist had some great young talent.

Route to Final 1st Round – Greens United 2-2 amd 2-1 on pen, 2nd Round – Hydrogen FC 3-0, QF – Old Fighters 4-2, SF – Shahbaz FC 2-2 and 3-2 on pen.


Shahrukh – The young Gulshan Soccer Club forward is a well known left footed sharp shooter in the Gulshan Area. He has been crowned best player in quite a few tournaments. Shahrukh is a favorite for player of the tournament.

Ali Kazmi – Another youngster who is just in 12th grade. The youngster has played above his age in this tournament and has scored two crucial penalties.

Amin Uddin – The GSC forward is also a well known player at the University level. He has been immense in the tournament this year and is making his second final appearance. He made one before with Bafana. Also in the running for player of the tournament.

Uzair – The Gulshan Soccer Academy midfielder is doing his ACCA and is a very balanced player who controls the game for the All stars.

Saeed – He is a GK but is doing a very good job for All Stars in this tournament . He currently studies in Dawood University.

Awais – This Commecs youngster is slowly building a name for himself as Mr. Cool. He has also scored a goal in the tournament.

Gunners FC – The team from East Garden is one of the most dominating sides in Futsal.

Route to Final – 1st Round – Elman FC 2-2 and 2-1 on pen, 2nd Round – Rebellions 1-0, QF – Mario Bros. 0-0 and 3-1 on pen, SF – Free Stylers 2-0.


Ali – The dynamic midfielder is a great asset for the team and plays Registered football for Baloch Youth. He is also the captain of the team. Pic Provided. Has an outside chance of winning best player.

Ateeq – The defensive midfielder has scored two vital goals in the tournament, but has defended like a rock. He is also in the running for best player.

Imran – The team might be chasing the first title but this Beckham fan is chasing his third title on this ground. Amazing player and is the overwhelming favorite for player of the tournament.

Aqib – The player who is a right back for Baloch Youth amazingly is the best forward for Gunners FC. Lightning quick player.

Sameer – The player who is the mind behind the team has not played much in the tournament but is an important player and scored vital goals.

Talal – Finally the third Baloch Youth player who was playing brilliantly in the semi but unfortunately fractured his foot. We wish him a quick recovery.

Therefore please be there for All Stars Vs Gunners FC on Friday 17th August.