PFF makes official approval mandatory for hosting football at all levels

Pakistan, Lahore, Friday, July 27, 2012

Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has introduced a mandatory condition for holding football matches at districts, provincials and all Pakistan level. It shall become compulsory that permission be acquired at all such level to organize, play, patronize or participate in all football activities.

According to the press release issued here by PFF, it has been observed during different nationwide seminars on football development at District, Regional and Provincial Level that presently local tournaments/championships and all Pakistan tournaments are organized by unauthorized people and concerned football associations are not checking it properly. Therefore, to streamline the system of the organization of any tournaments/championships, a specific criteria has been forwarded to all concern by PFF.

The permission for holding any local male/female football tournaments/championships, futsal, women football organized by clubs, sponsors or any individual will be given by District Football Association (DFA) in order to get this permission the organizers will have to apply on company pad/letter  head to DFA minimum two months before the start of the tournament..

Similarly, any male/female provincial level or inter-district level or inter-club level tournaments/championships, futsal, women football organized by clubs/districts, sponsors or any individual will be granted by Provincial Football Association (PFA). The organizers will have to apply on company pad/letter head/DFA letter head to PFA eight weeks before the start of the tournaments/championship.

For all Pakistan male/female football tournaments/championships, the organizers will send a request to PFA and after their recommendation concern PFA will send request to PFF eight week before the start of tournament for the approval.

All concerned tournaments/championships organizers are to keep in mind that if a registered player participates in any unauthorized tournaments/championship then severe action will be taken against him as per PFF policy. Moreover, PFF will take stringent actions on concerned authorities for organizing unauthorized/unapproved events. The FIFA/AFC/PFF code of conduct and competition rules must be kept under due consideration