7th GSA D Goal Ramadan Tournament is back


Football lovers across Karachi will be happy and excited at the news that GSA is back with the 7th edition of the D goal Ramadan competition. All the big stars and big teams are back but we are looking forward to that surprising team that will shock all. The tournament is starting Saturday 28th July and will go on for 2-3 weeks but insha Allah will finish in the month of Ramadan. All results and schedules will be updated here or can be checked on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/7thGsaRamadanDGoalTournament).

Here is a highlight list of the teams returning.

1- Majid Shaheed (Past Champions and proud home of Muhmmad Bin Younis u-22 international)
2- Rebellions (Defending champions)
3- Bafana (Runners Up in last edition)
4- Old Fighters (Stars of Karachi Kickers)
5- Mario Bros. (Winners of Rs. 160,000 Pepsi Challenge)
6- Santos (FC Rovers Futsal Kings)

This is just a few of the teams on display and along with these plenty of skilled teams will fill up the court and the tournament format is 32 teams knockout.

Inspiration and Targets of the tournament – This is the 7th edition therefore the tournament is a very planned event with very specific targets. GSA throughout its young History has tried to help Pakistan Football develop and improve. Recently our Club Head Coach Mr. Mudassir Sabir completed the Masters coaching course and represented Sindh FA as he is a C licensed coach. Therefore the tournament is discussed with in the coaches and officials and the goals are clarified.

Pakistan Football needs gifted techinical players and the emphasis of leading clubs and International nations is on short quick passing game. This requires an excellent first touch, quick thinking and movement which is improved ideally with shorter versions of the game. Therefore with these targets GSA hopes to help Footballers across Karachi and Pakistan develop there skills further. After Ramadan the emphasis will be on bigger and full field Football targets.

Therefore come out and support your favorites either they be well known Muhammad Bin Younis (u22 international) or Mr. Faisal Madni (Kickers) but one thing is guaranteed quite a few unknown players will be well known across Karachi by the end of this. Fixtures of first day are provided below.

July 28 Saturday
1- Steel Town FC vs Stifflers Juniors (1030pm)
2- HMFC vs Street Kings (1110pm)
3- Rebellions vs Gunners United (1150pm)