PFF: ‘Scrutiny-affected clubs will not be stopped from playing’

PFF: ‘Scrutiny-affected clubs will not be stopped from playing’

PFF Director Clubs Col (R) Farasat Ali Shah with Riaz Ahmed, KUFF Administrator

Karachi United Football Foundation (KUFF) administrator and noted football journalist Riaz Ahmed in his trip to visit the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) offices in Lahore also met Col (Retd) Syed Farasat Ali Shah, PFF Director Clubs.

They discussed some pressing issues about football clubs across the country that were concerned about missing out on the nationwide 2011 Clubs Scrutiny carried out jointly by PFF, the provincial FAs, and the district FAs.

The Director Clubs assured that clubs who missed out on the Scrutiny will not be banned from playing officially sanctioned matches, though they will need to ask formal permission from their respective District FA to take part.

Farasat Ali Shah also stated that while clubs who could complete the Scrutiny or missed the deadline, will be barred from exercising voting rights in football elections, they will be required to main correspondence with the DFA to submit their full records for completing Scrutiny requirements.

He also stated that such clubs will be given a chance in next Scrutiny to become officially registered and affiliated entites provided they have submitted copies of their official records with their home DFA. As per official rules, each club wishing for official registration is requested to also submit Rs 500 payorders each for its home provincial FA and PFF, while the DFA is authorised to charge extra if need be.

However, in order to counter any unfair demands from DFAs for registrations, a club can lodge an appeal to its provincial FA, which in turn has the responsibility of taking notice of any such complaints that can be damaging for football.

The PFF Director Clubs also said that the PFF considers football clubs the basic lifeline of football around the world, and its the PFF’s duty to ensure football clubs are facilitated across Pakistan. He stated that PFF will not take any step that can have negative effects on club football as clubs are considered a vital investment in football.