Peshawar Premier League/Tournament – Season 3

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Peshawar Premier League 3
Format : 8v8 Football
Players per Team : 13 players Max (5 Subsitutes)
25 mins half + stoppage time
4 teams per group. Top two will qualify
Registration fee : 6500rs/team
Venue : Saint`s Marys School , Psh Cantt
– 8 players from each team will be on the field. no rolling subs, 5 substitutions allowed.
– One player can play with one team.
– Direct freekick on fouls,handballs unless it is not specified by ref that its an indirect freekick.
– Throw ins.
– Receiving a red card makes you ineligible to play the next match so does receiving two consecutive yellow cards in two consecutive matches.
– Keeper cannot hold the ball on back-pass.
– Fixtures will be subject to change if it rains.
– Teams can change their players before 22nd june. On match day, no changes will be accepted. Players should bring some identity card (ID card,Student card etc) in case something goes wrong. And i mean it by saying that teams can change their players by “21st june , 11:59pm”. After this, changes wont be entertained.
– Payment to be made before 15 june.
– Registrations will be considered on first come first serve basis. “MAX 16 TEAMS,REGISTER YOUR TEAM ASAP”.
– Offside rules not applied.
So get your teams ready and bring out that heat of football in yours on the field.
May the best team win.
PPL – Season 3 Organizing Team
Rahim Jan – 03339028823
Nauman Rauf – 03338884477
Yaqoot Jan – 03219698802
Basit Khan – 03339406965
Waleed Waseem – 03459140617
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*rules are subject to change if required.