Hertha BSC star Sami Malik speaks with FPDC on winning U17 Bundesliga title

Sami Malik, 17 year old German-Pakistani football player, won the U17 Bundesliga title with his club Hertha BSC Berlin in yesterdays final. Berlin beat VfB Stuttgart in a packing final by 2-0.

Sami’s team won all titles this year: Bundesliga Winner, League Topper and Cup Winner and we had the chance to speak to the youngster exclusively.

Sami Malik and Hertha BSC U17 captain Hany Mukhtar

FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC): How are you and how does it feel to be Bundesliga Winner?

Sami Malik (SM): I feel great and even better with the title. We won everything you can win this season and this makes me really proud. A great U17 was that!

FPDC: Will you stay at Hertha?

SM: No I won’t. I will try for a new chance!

FPDC: What do you think, were the differences that made you successful?

SM: Ambition, a lot of training and to have a target you want to reach. We knew that we played a good season, and so we wanted to win the Bundesliga title too.

FPDC: How do you see the chances of getting nominated for the junior national team? What would you prefer?

SM: I do my best and try to get attention. Now I have to concentrate on my new club first and get started there.

FPDC: Who will win the EURO 2012?

SM: I hope Germany.

FPDC: We know about your second hobby: Music. How can you handle this too, besides your football and studies?

SM: Music is just a small hobby. I concentrate on football and if I have some time I try to record some music.