Faisalabad-Sargodha Schools Championship begins

Pakistan, Lahore, Saturday, June 02, 2012

“FSD/SGD Youth Football School Championship-2012” was launched on Friday (June, 1, 2012) with a match between PAF Public School Sargodha and Fazaia Inter College at Company Bagh Football Ground, Sargodha under the banner of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

According to the press release issued here by PFF, this event is a part of the Youth Football Development Project in Pakistan being funded by the Australian Sports Commission of Australian Government through its Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP).

This is noticeable that this is second consecutive edition of such development projects which is presented by the PFF and endorsed by the Australian Government through the Australian High Commission, Islamabad.

Eight Schools’ teams of Sargodha and Faisalabad region are participating in the event which is as under:

Group A

1-      Govt High School #2 Sargodha

2-      Govt High School Khushab

3-      PAF Public School Sargodha

4-      Fazaia Model  Inter College Sargodha

Group B

5-      Junior Laboratory High School Faisalabad

6-      Government High School Chabba Faisalabad

7-       Government High School Gatti Faisalabad

8-      Crescent Model High School Faisalabad

The opening match of the championship resulted in favour of PAF Public School Sargodha 3:0 against Fazaia Model Inter College Sargodha.

Format of the event: 4 Teams of each group will play on single league bases. Out of 4 teams of each SGD & FSD Regions, 2 top teams will move to the next knock out stage. Top teams of both groups will clash for the title in Final Match while Runner Up teams of both groups will collide for 3rd & 4 th Position.


Day 1: Matches played:

1. PAF public school sgd vs Fazaia inter college. 3-0.

2. Govt Model High School No 2 Sgd vs Govt High School Khushab. 1-0.


The fixture of the championship is as follow:


Group A


31st May2012   

1. PAF Public School Sargodha VS Fazaia Model Inter CollegeSgd    3-0      5:30 pm


01 June 2012


2. Govt High School No 2 Sgd VS Govt High School Khushab            1-0      5:30 pm


02 June 2012


3. Govt High School No 2 Sgd VS  Fazaia Model Inter College Sgd              5:30 pm

4. Govt High School Khushab VS  PAF Public School Sgd                            8:00 pm


03 June 2012


5. Govt High School Khushab VS Fazaia Inter college Sgd                           5:30 pm

6. PAF Public School VS Govt High School No 2                                          8:00 pm


Group B


02 June 2012


1. Govt High School Gutti FSD VS Govt High School Chabbah                     5:30 pm

2. Labortary High School FSD VS Govt High School Youngwala FSD          5:30 pm


03 June 2012


3. Govt High School Gutti FSD VS  Govt High School Youngwala                5:30 pm

4. Labartory  High School FSD  VS  Govt High School Chabbah                     5:30 pm


04 June 2012


5. Govt High School Chabbah FSD  VS   Govt High School Youngwala         5:30 pm

6. Govt High School Gutti FSD VS Labartory High School FSD                      5:30 pm


06 June 2012


For 3rd & 4th place


Runner up of group A VS Runner up of Group B                                              4:00 pm




Winner of Group A VS winner of group B                                                        5:30 pm


Venue of Group A Matches: Company Bagh, Sargodha

Venue of Group B Matches: Football Ground Agricultural University, Faisalabad