Premier League teams yet to receive match bonuses

KARACHI: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has not paid match bonuses to the participating units of the Pakistan Premier League which concluded in December last year.

Team officials have been unhappy with the attitude of the country’s football governing body.

“I would like a clear explanation as to why we have not received our prize money for the Pakistan Premier League,” said KESC Sports Manager Mohammad Zabe Khan in a message on Wednesday. “It has been over five months now. What is the justification for holding this money for so long? I am sick and tired of hearing excuses from the PFF.”

An official of another departmental team said that it was not the proper way to run football in the country. “The PFF makes publicity while making an increase in the match bonuses but when they are to make payment to the teams they make excuses,” he said.

“The PFF should give us a clear date of payment and should pay on that day as we are going to take part in the next league which is expected to be kicked off after Ramadan,” another team official said.

From: The News